Blue Princess Memories is the first Aoki Lapis-only compilation, involving 10 Vocaloid Ps such as DATEKEN, Chom-P, Muhmue, and more. It consist of 16 tracks, several of which are arrangements and/or cover songs or original Lapis songs. The album's mastering done by "Shibayan", album illustration by "Nagane Ryou" and design by "Yamaneko".

Several notable tracks from the album include "trick art" (cover by Aoki Lapis) by DATEKEN, "Dai Sorairo no -HI-TO-MI" (cover by Aoki Lapis) and "Princess wa Yume no naka". Two of the "bonus tracks" ("apricot" and "moka") are sung not by Aoki Lapis but the singer Hinanata.

The album was first released on VOC@LOID M@STER 21 on July 8th 2012. It's still available for purchase / mail order on Amazon, Yahoo Store, and D-Stage. A crossfade of the album can be heard on Nico Nico Douga here; and it's site on Celo Project here.

Blue Princess Memories Cover
Released July 8th 2012
Producer Various
Price 1,000 yen
Illust. Yamaneko
Label Celo Project
Track list
1. ワタシノミライ
Yuu-P ft. Aoki Lapis
2. Ko Ko Da Yo
Aruka-P ft. Aoki Lapis
3. apricot
Celo Project ft. Aoki Lapis
4. 流星詩
Yuugou-P ft. Aoki Lapis
5. ノア
Muhmue ft. Aoki Lapis
6. プリンセスは夢の中
Chom-P ft. Aoki Lapis
7. ヨテイはミテイ!
Kazetou-P ft. Aoki Lapis
8. natsumado
Heri-P ft. Aoki Lapis
9. trick art!
DATEKEN ft. Aoki Lapis
10. 星くずレター
Yuu-P ft. Aoki Lapis
11. 大空色のHi-To-Mi
Aruka-P ft. Aoki Lapis
12. ハッピー・マニュアル
Yuugou-P ft. Aoki Lapis
13. モカ
Yamikuru ft. Aoki Lapis
14. message 
Celo Project ft. Hinanata
15. apricot
Yamikuru Hinanata
16. モカ
Aoki Lapis
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