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Bodytemp-P is a 24 year old Australian vocaloid producer who is living in Australia. They focuses on comedic work, such as "vocaloid users be like".

Bodytemp-P is also a visual artist, many of their images (including her display picture) were drawn by her. Currently enjoys electronic music, and is interested in English vocaloids.

Bodytemp-P also releases remixes of other Vocaloid songs, and is the voice of UTAU Hixai (now retired).

After a long time of being in retirement Bodytemp-P temporary returned to the fandom. For the past few years Bodytemp-P has been focusing mainly on live shows rather than an online presence. As of December 2017, they have retired once more.

STATUS:2013 → 2017
URL(s)Channel: YouTube, SoundCloud, Nico Nico

Social Media: Twitter Gallery: DeviantArt

PLAYLIST(s):YouTube Playlist,
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Merry Miku Xmas" (Miku) (Dec.26.2016)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Merry Miku Xmas

Uploaded Dec.26.2016 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Moros-P & Bodytemp-P Main article Merry Miku Xmas
Video Bodytemp-P (illust), Bodytemp-P (video)


On December 18, 2017, BodytempP was alleged to have stolen the source code of alternate synth SiVo, also owing the owner thousands of dollars in development fees. Although the money owed has reportedly been resolved, all activity on their accounts has since halted. Alternate stories also surfaced alleging that SiVo's developer had breached the contract they were collaborating under.[1][2]

As a result of the controversy, BodytempP announced their retirement.[3]


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