Bokanushi (ぼか主) was one of the most important people in the early VOCALOID scene of NicoNicoDouga. He has been uploading videos featuring MEIKO before Hatsune Miku was released. It can be said that he is a pioneer of the VOCALOID movement.
STATUS:May 2007 → Assumed active
URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico

Social Media: Twitter

PLAYLIST(s):Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Ai Oboeteimasuka" (from Macross F) (May.12.2007)
  2. "FF6 Opera Event" (With breath sound) (May.18.2007)
  3. "Souseino Akuerion" (OP of "Genesis of Aquarion") (May.25.2007)
  4. "Airman ga Taosenai" (Jun.09.2007)
  5. "Uninstall" (OP of "Bokurano") (Jun.19.2007)
  6. "Tettettee" (from "Idolm@ster") (Jun.26.2007)
  7. "Farewell Song" (from "AIR") (Aug.19.2007)
  8. "Misojimisaki" (from "Lucky ☆ Star") (Meiko) (Sep.04.2007)
  9. "Ne Ni Ge de Risetto!" (from "Lucky ☆ Star") (Sep.15.2007)
  10. "Hatsune Miku to Gattaisuru Houhou" (Sep.20.2007)
  11. "Kumikyoku 'NicoNicoDouga'" (Miku) (Sep.29.2007)
  12. "Miko Miko Nurse" (from "Miko Miko Nurse") (Oct.04.2007)
  13. "MeikoMeiko ni Shiteageru" (Nov.16.2007)
  14. "Tonarini..." (from "Idolm@ster") (Nov.27.2007)
  15. "Agent Yoruwo Yuku" (Rin) (from "Idola@ster") (Dec.30.2007)
  16. "Kumikyoku 'NicoNicoDouga'" (Ann) (Jan.23.2008)
  17. "Agent Yoruwo Yuku" (Ann) (from "Idola@ster") (Feb.15.2008)
  18. "SEVENTH HEAVEN" (Song of Perfume) (Jun.11.2008)
  19. "Electro World" (Song of Perfume) (Jul.12.2008)
  20. "Genesis of Aquarion (Eng.ver.)" (Ann) (Jul.16.2008)
  21. "Seikann Hikou" (from Macross F) (Aug.17.2008)
  22. "euphoric field" (Ann) (from "ef") (Sep.16.2008)
  23. "Strike Witches" (from "Strike Witches") (Sep.21.2008)
  24. "Information High" (from "Macross Plus") (Oct.09.2008)
  25. "Uta Ⅲ - REINCARNATION" (From "Ghost In The Shell") (Dec.23.2008)
  26. "Uchuu Kyoudai-bune" (from "Macross F") (Jan.05.2009)
  27. "Musuhino Toki (short ver.)" (from "Kannagi") (Jan.20.2009)
  28. "Genesis of Aquarion" (Luka) (Feb.03.2009)
  29. "euphoric field (ver.E)" (Luka) (from "ef") (Feb.05.2009)
  30. "euphoric field (ver.J)" (Luka) (from "ef") (Feb.05.2009)
  31. "Kugutsuuta -Uramite Chiru-" (from "Ghost In The Shell 2 Innocence") (Feb.08.2009)
  32. "ebullient future (ver.E)" (from "ef") (Feb.20.2009)
  33. "Tokiwo Kizamu Uta" (from "CLANNAD -AFTER STORY-") (Feb.26.2009)
  34. "Megu Meru -cuckool mix 2007-" (from "CLANNAD") (Mar.06.2009)
  35. "Vanilla Salt" (from "Toradora!") (Apr.18.2009)
  36. "Musuhino Toki (Full) " (from "Kannagi") (May.12.2009)
  37. "Po Pi Po (Ann)" (May.23.2009)
  38. "TORCH" (from "CLANNAD AFTER STORY") (Jun.12.2009)
  39. "Anata no Oto" (from "Macross F") (Oct.19.2009)
  40. "Kawaranai Koto" (Song of KOKIA) (Nov.05.2009)
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