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Bruno & Clara Original Song Contest was an official song contest hosted by VOCALOID.cl, in collaboration with VOCALOIDBrasil, VOCALOID.FR, VOCALOID FanPage & PAWA.Cl in 8th, September 2014 to promote Bruno & Clara. It was also sponsored by Voctro Labs, S.L., YAMAHA & PowerFX.

Contest Details[]

Producers had until October 10 to produce an original song using either Clara, Bruno or both as the lead singers. A download trail of Bruno & Clara was made available on the site, as well as a trial for the full VOCALOID3 Editor. Aegisub is also recommended by VOCALOID.cl for adding subtitles.

Voting started on the 10th and ended on the 17th. Anyone could vote for their favorite song once via Facebook and twitter.

The results were released on the 18th.

"VOCALOID3 Bruno&Clara Original Song Contest"
  YouTube  Promotional Video (Spanish with English subtitles)


  • The producer had to fill a form in order for their entry to be valid.
  • Other Vocaloids could be used as long as Bruno and/or Clara remained lead singers.
  • It could be in any language besides Spanish but had to include Spanish subtitles if it did.
  • The song could not be over 6 minutes long.


Similar to the contest for MAIKA there was a rating system to determine which songs won the top prize, using this formula :

RATING = [Votes on the Ranking page on Vocaloid.cl * 10] + (Likes on YouTube * 5) + (Views on YouTube/10) + (“Likes” on the publications on Bruno & Clara's official Facebook * 2) + (Retweets of the tweet on VocaCL*2)


As well as ratings, there were judges who picked out a favourite, following an evaluation form for each song. The points for evaluation are as follows :

  • VOCALOID Software Manipulation (10 points). 10 points were awarded when the producer achieved a realistic sounding voice, with the aspects of pronunciation, breathing, articulation, and expression in mind.
  • Originality (20 points). 20 points were awarded when a song was considered interesting and satisfactory in terms of its topic, had outstanding musical potential, and/or composition technique.
  • Technique and Musicalization (10 points). 10 points were awarded to a song with distinguishing details between the song and voice, as well as instrumentals that were cohesive to the lyrics or inferred intention.
  • Lyrics (15 points). 15 points were awarded if the song managed to have fully connecting lyrics, and also an interesting linguistic proposal.


  • Raúl Gonzales
  • Emilia Badaraco. See also: Ankari
  • Cristián "Kris" Escobar
  • Jose María Lastras. See also: Giuseppe
  • VOCALOID.CL's staff
  • VOCALOIDBrasil's staff
  • VOCALOID.FR's staff
  • VOCALOID FanPage's staff


1st place :

  • MAIKA/Bruno&Clara DVD
  • YOHIOloid DVD
  • VY1 Shirt
  • Poster
  • Mastering of two songs

2nd place :

  • Bruno&CLara DVD or MAIKA DVD
  • Sweet ANN or Big AL
  • Galaco & ZOLA Project DVD trial
  • VY1 t-shirt
  • Mastering of a song
  • Poster

3rd place :

  • Bruno&Clara DL or MAIKA DL
  • Oliver DL
  • Aoki Lapis Metal Strap
  • CD of v-flower
  • Poster

Judge's Favourites :

  • 1 VOCALOID Starter Kit
  • 1 MAIKA+Bruno&Clara DVD
  • 1 YOHIOloid
  • 1 VOCALOID Masu (Wooden Cup)
  • 1 A poster
  • 2 Mastering of a song

Winning Entries[]

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc. Award(s)
La triste tarde de Abril AlexTrip Sands Bruno, Clara ft. Hatsune Miku, GUMI, IA, Camui Gackpo YT Jury's Favorite
La Espera Laura Megurine Bruno & Clara YT Most Popular Video
Ballroom Breakdown heart★breaker Bruno & Clara YT 2nd Most Popular Video
Electronegative PianoBench Bruno & Clara YT 3rd Most Popular Video

Note-Worthy Entries[]

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
Blanco & Negro KaoruPhantomhive Bruno, Clara YT
Gravedad del Amor Planty-P Bruno & Clara YT
A Banshee named 42 EmpathP Clara YT
Fomalhault Aensland Clara YT
Phone Addict PeachyP Bruno, Hatsune Miku YT
Soundless Existence And Translucent Bodies doopah Clara YT
Abre tu mente. Luis Basilio Bruno, Clara, MAIKA YT
The Principles and Art of Ignorance and Suffering Xue Bruno YT
Salty Resonance faerimagic Clara YT
La Luz del Éxito Heshiidan Bruno, Clara YT

Other Entries[]

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
Song of Feels for you Iris14alicante Clara ft. MAIKA, GUMI, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka YT
Take My Soul Robyn IsANinja Bruno, Clara, AVANNA YT
Amor PSiCóPaTa Kanashi-P Bruno & Clara YT
Vulpecula et Anser Miku Sakurahana Bruno, Clara, SeeU YT
Clouded Kindness Manatashin Bruno, Clara, MAYU, VY2v3 YT
Utopia Super Miksu Clara, CUL YT
Tu Eras ICHIRO Bruno & Clara YT
La Reina De Mis Sentimientos Anthony J. Obando Bruno & KAITO YT
Y tus cosas en la puerta... Ikuto*P Clara YT
Vamos a cantar otra vez Shiro Clara & MAIKA YT
Triste Culpa Yesi-chan Bruno & Clara YT
Will You Die With Your Eyes Open? Meta Bruno YT
Arrow-ace ClockworkSinger Bruno YT
Sacrilegio, Suicidio Shikuto Tsukino Bruno & Clara YT
Mi sueño Chisco Clara YT
Tus Ojos, el Secreto Grimarg Bruno, Clara YT
Descubrí Darbar Bruno, Clara YT
Ganas de Vivir ClaFactory Bruno, Clara, VY2v3 YT
Soy tu Amor Whisper Prince Bruno, MAIKA YT
Todo El Mundo Me Conoce 8Derone Clara, AVANNA YT
El mar y la tierra Kirielc Bruno, Clara YT
Affection Eelia Clara, MAIKA YT
Destruction of Insanity Ren Solus Bruno, Clara feat. LEON, LOLA, MIRIAM YT
Maremagno adriann Clara YT
Seditio Asuka9 Bruno, Clara YT
Te odio mi Amor Luis Garcia Clara YT

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