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Bucchigiri-P (ぶっちぎりP) is good at making VOCALOID techno-pop music. He does many skillful covers, including songs from "I've Sound", "Susumu Hirasawa", and "P-MODEL".

His big hits include "Byakkoya no Musume", a cover of the "Paprika" ending theme that used 10 KAITO tracks and 2 Rin tracks to re-create the song to perfection, and "Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru♪", a Rin parody of "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" done in a eurobeat style. He has received both the "Legendary KAITO Master" and "Legendary RIN Master" titles on Niconico on several of his works. Bucchigiri-P has also released works in the VOCALOID-P data series.

STATUS:December 2007 → Present
Bucchigiri Icon.png
URL(s)Channel: niconico
Muzie Twitter
PLAYLIST(s):(Nicozon Playlist / Niconico List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Birthday Eve" (Rin) (Cover / I've) (Dec.31.2007)
  2. "Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru" (Rin) (Jan 01.2008)
  3. "Touyou no Noumiso" (Rin) (Cover / Taishou Kyuunen) (Jan.20.2008)
  4. "Birthday Eve" (Rin) (Ver.1.5.0) (Feb.03.2008)
  5. "Bijutsukande Atta Hitodaro" (Rin) (Cover / P-MODEL) (Feb.11.2008)
  6. "Byakkoya no Musume" (KAITO) (Cover / Paprika) (Feb.17.2008)
  7. "2D OR NOT 2D" (Len & KAITO) (Cover / P-MODEL) (Mar.09.2008)
  8. "Densha de GO!" (Rin) (Cover / Halmens) (Mar.23.2008)
  9. "Haldyn Hotel" (KAITO) (Cover / Susumu Hirasawa) (Jul.28.2008)
  10. "Das Telefon Sagt Du" (Miku & KAITO) (Cover / Andreas Dorau) (Aug.02.2008)
  11. "Jikantoukyokurituroutokan he Youkoso" (Len) (Cover / P-MODEL) (Aug.03.2008)
  12. "Pantsu no Uta" (Aug.08.2008)
  13. "Saihate" (Rin) (Cover / Kobayashi Onyx) (Sep.29.2008)
  14. "KAITO de NIGHT -crosstalks mix-" (KAITO) (Oct.04.2008)
  15. "Yamiuchi Sniper" (Rin, Len & KAITO) (Oct.20.2008)
  16. "Zenrade Kaita Love Letter" (Len & Gackpo) (Oct.29.2008)
  17. "Tori no Uta" (MEIKO) (Cover / AIR) (Nov.06.2008)
  18. "Fiction" (Miku) (Nov.08.2008)
  19. "Kiss the Future" (Rin) (Cover / I've) (Dec.27.2008)
  20. "Pretty Panties Akuma Rin" (Rin & Len) (12.23.2008)
  21. "Kokoro Another -Lambda Organ-" (KAITO & Gackpo) (Mar.03.2009)
  22. "Noroi no Megane ~stray girl in her lenses~" (Rin) (Mar.20.2009)
  23. "Yume de Aru You ni" (KAITO) (Cover / Tales of Destiny) (Apr.26.2009)
  24. "Hakkoutai no Rudy" (Dec.12.2009)
  25. "Tantei Mushi Megane ~ Saraba Kaijin 256 Mensou" (Apr.08.2010)
  26. "Good Night ~Branch "Traveler's Nocturn"" (Cover / Captain Mirai) (Aug.08.2010)
  27. "Konchuu Gun" (Cover / Halmens) (Oct.20.2010)
  28. "DANCING☆SAMURAI ~ branch "Ham Handed Traveler" (Cover / Kanimiso-P) (Dec.22.2010)
  29. "Alchoholoid2" (Dec.29.2010)
  30. "The End of the Known Story" (Aug.28.2011)
  31. "Shabon no Salamander" (KAITO) (Feb.02.2013)
  32. "Pochitto☆Random" (Miku, Rin) (Aug.08.2013)

Songs / Featured Works[]

ぶっちぎりにしてあげる♪ (Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru♪)

Uploaded Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music ika (music), Bucchigiri-P (remix) Main article ぶっちぎりにしてあげる♪ (Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru♪)
Lyrics Bucchigiri-P
Video Bucchigiri-P
This cover has entered the Hall of Legend.

のろいのめか゛ね ~ stray girl in her lenses (Noroi no Megane ~ stray girl in her lenses)

Uploaded 2009.03.20 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Bucchigiri-P Main article のろいのめか゛ね ~ stray girl in her lenses (Noroi no Megane ~ stray girl in her lenses)
Lyrics Bucchigiri-P
Video Yokonei (illust, video), Sacrow (logo), Joymecha-P (pixel art)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame. It is about a girl who thrust into a strange world and is forced to wear a pair of glasses that distort reality around her.

白虎野の娘 (Byakkoya no Musume)

Uploaded 2008.02.16 Featuring KAITO
Music Hirasawa Susumu Main article 白虎野の娘 (Byakkoya no Musume)
Lyrics Hirasawa Susumu
Video Bucchigiri-P (video)
This cover has entered the Hall of Legend.

発光体のルーディ (Hakkoutai no Rudy)

Uploaded 2009.12.13 Featuring SF-A2 miki
Music Bucchigiri-P Main article 発光体のルーディ (Hakkoutai no Rudy)
Lyrics Bucchigiri-P
Video Bucchigiri-P (illust, animation), Youko (illust), sacrow (title logo)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

しゃぼんのサラマンドラ (Shabon no Salamandre)

Uploaded 2013.02.02 Featuring KAITO
Music Bucchigiri-P Main article しゃぼんのサラマンドラ (Shabon no Salamandre)
Lyrics Bucchigiri-P
Video Bucchigiri-P (video), Um (illust), Mikepochi (logo)


Title Noroi no Megane ~stray girl in her lenses
Bucchigiri single 2.jpg
Tantei Mushi Megane ~ Saraba Kaijin 256 Mensō
Producer Bucchigiri-P Bucchigiri-P
Release Date April 4, 2010 December 21, 2011

Compilation Albums[]

  • VOCALOIDS☆X'mas~白い夜は静寂を守ってる~ -Released: November 18, 2009
    (Song(s) featured: 発光体のルーディ)
  • ダンシング☆サムライアレンジアルバム『舞侍組』 -Released: August 14, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: DANCING☆SAMURAI ~ branch Ham Handed Traveler)
  • retimer -Released: August 14, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: グッドナイト ~ branch "Traveler's Nocturn")
  • 初音ミクsingsハルメンズ -Released: October 20, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: 電車でGO, 昆虫軍)
  • hammer -Released: December 31, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: Alcoholoid2)
  • シュミックトリガ! -New wave of A-POP- -Released: August 13, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: ソーサラー98 ~ The end of the known story)
  • 初音ミクsingsニューウェイヴ -Released: October 26, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: 美術館で会った人だろ, 女ともだち)
  • VOCALO VISION FEAT.初音ミク -Released: December 21, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: 探偵むしめか゛ね ~ さらば怪人256面相)
  • シュミックトリガ2 -PsychoCrush A-POP!!- -Released: August 12, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: ぽちっと☆ランダム)