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"COMMUNICATIONS" is a series of songs by GHOST. The series is separated into 3 different "cases".[1]

Notice: The COMMUNICATIONS series is currently discontinued. Please respect GHOST's wishes.[2]


Nancy Elsner

  • Nancy portrayed by GUMI from the original HOUSEWIFE RADIO PV.
  • Nancy's cameo in BLACK & WHITE
  • Nancy as she appears in the COMMUNICATIONS version of HOUSEWIFE RADIO
  • First appeared in HOUSEWIFE RADIO.

Nancy is a housewife living in the 1950's with synesthesia. She is Henry's childhood friend and wife. After Henry cuts his mother out of his life, she becomes increasingly paranoid and suffers from panic attacks out of fear of abandonment.[3]

Frances Elsner

  • Frances as she appears in ROTARY DIAL.
  • Frances as she appears in the second half of ROTARY DIAL.
  • First appeared in ROTARY DIAL.

Frances is the mother of Henry. She gave birth to him in 1923 at age 19. The father ran off leaving her to raise her son alone. She is extremely possessive and emotionally abusive towards him. She also despises Nancy and attempted to eliminate all contact between her and her son.[4]

Henry Elsner

  • Henry as he appears in BLACK & WHITE.
  • First appeared in BLACK & WHITE.

Henry is the son of Frances and the husband of Nancy. When he was a child, he was controlled and abused by his mother who was possessive, strict, and always reminded him that he will die. Against his mother's wishes, he befriended Nancy. He was fascinated by her synesthesia and ended up marrying her in 1950 while cutting his mother out of his life.[5]

Kennith Simmons

  • Kennith as he originally appeard in COLORBARS.
  • Kennith as he appears in BROADCAST ILLUSION
  • First appeared in COLORBARS

Kennith is a boy who feels hated by the world. His whole life he was bullied for being feminine, his tetrachromacy, and his homosexuality. His parents never took him seriously either. He enjoys tinkering with electronics. His only friend was a deaf girl named Stephanie. However, that friendship ended due to an large argument, leaving him alone once more.[6]

Stephanie Glass

Stephanie is Kennith's best friend. She was born deaf and communicates with people by writing notes, reading lips, and using sign-language. She's a very kind person, almost considered a social butterfly and she cares for a lot of people. She tends to be insensitive sometimes, not fully understanding others problems. Her accidental insensitivity is what left Kennith and her's friendship in shambles. She is pansexual, and later on dates a girl named Jenny in college. She was to be voiced by Avanna.[7]

Bri Rodez

Bri is a teenager who spends most of their time online. They enjoy photography and "photoshopping" (editing) images. Due to their BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder), they heavily edit (photoshop) photos of themselves. They usually stay in their house unless it's to go to school. They also enjoy experimenting with makeup. They are infamous in the internet community they frequent due to their excessive photo-editing.[8]


  • Sketch/ design sheet of [spoilers] by Ghost
  • Ghost's newest art of [spoilers].
  • First appeared in ROTARY DIAL

"[spoilers]" also known as storyteller, is a character that little is known about, due to the fact that much of the information about them would spoil the whole series. What is known is that they are the one responsible for the events and suffering of the other characters in the series.

They had three aliases known in the series: Ray Barnett (Case 1), Evelynn Jacot (Case 2) and Nathan (Case 3).


Case One

The story of Henry, from his abusive childhood to his early death.


Uploaded April 21, 2016 Featuring DAINA
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"On May 28th, 1923, Frances Elsner was blessed with a baby boy, whom she named Henry. This boy didn’t exactly have the best childhood; He grew up without a father, who ran away and dropped all contact with his significant other. This wasn’t good for the boy nor his mother. In fact, Frances wasn’t quite emotionally stable to begin with, and due to undiagnosed achromatopsia [the inability to see colors], it was difficult for her to live on her own. Overcome with loneliness, the mother took her grief out on her child, constantly reminding Henry that, one day, the two will inevitably die, and only then will she not feel so alone. She raved on and on about how much she couldn’t wait for that day to come, how much she couldn’t wait for Henry to die.

Henry was able to escape the abuse of his mother, however, though his childhood friend, Nancy. Her ability to see colors in relation to sounds fascinated him, and the two quickly became the closest of friends. While Frances was incredibly strict and forbid him from leaving her alone except to go to school, Henry would still find ways here and there to sneak out and play with Nancy. The two grew up side-by-side, and, in the spring of 1950, became happily married. Being on his own now, Henry saw no reason to stay in touch with his mother. Just like that, the only person left in Frances’ life had shut her out entirely."


Uploaded May 30, 2016 Featuring DEX
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"Nancy grew more and more anxious as the days went on. Would Henry do the same to her as he did to his mother? Would she, too, end up alone? She cared about Henry more than anything, not only as a lover, but as the closest friendship she’s ever had. She depended on him for happiness, and now, to her dismay, she learned he was fully capable of disposing her, just as he did to his mother. The thought plagued Nancy, sending her into frequent panic attacks and hysteric, depressive episodes. Henry was a kind and understanding man, he really was, but this was all bringing back a flood of horrible memories. Though she never talked of death nor wishing for said tragedies, Nancy constantly begged Henry to reassure that he would never abandon her. She had become too similar to his mother.

Without thinking, Henry quit his job as a journalist. That night, he packed his necessary belongings, and made attempts to escape the house without catching Nancy’s attention. Quietly, he made his way out of bed, down the hall, though the kitchen… his hand was hovering above the door knob when the kitchen lights flickered on. Nancy had been startled awake by the absence of a body lying next to her. Henry, suitcase in hand, made it quite clear of exactly what he was planning to do. Overcome with emotion and unstable in her reasoning, Nancy pulled a knife out of a kitchen drawer…"


Uploaded July 19, 2016 Featuring GUMI
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Friday of last week, the bodies of Henry and Nancy Elsner were found dead in the basement of their home. Police were called to the residency after a concerned neighbor claimed they hadn’t seen the couple for “about a month or two”. The bodies were unidentifiable by sight at the scene, but were later confirmed to be the married couple. Mrs. Elsner’s body was found hung from the ceiling, while Mr. Elsner’s body lay on the floor next to her. An autopsy reported Nancy’s cause of death to be asphyxiation and was ruled a suicide. Henry’s death was determined to be caused by gashes to the throat and face, resulting in exsanguination. It is estimated that the bodies have been dead for a little over a month and a half. A supposed suicide note was found underneath Nancy’s body. The note reads as follows:

“Whoever may read this letter, As you may already know, my name is Nancy Elsner. I have nothing left but my deepest regrets. I was certain my love was still alive. I heard the colors of his voice in the radio, I swear. It wasn’t until I came to realize that every voice happened to be black and white. Males, females, young and old, none of these voices came from my love, yet they all played in monochrome, just like his. Flickering... back and forth, back and forth, between blacks, whites, and an array of different colors – I soon realized that I had only fooled myself. Even today, after I’ve remembered every detail of that night, I find it impossible to believe that I could’ve been capable of such monstrosities. Death is the only punishment suitable for me, I believe. I owe him so much. My greatest apologies – even giving my own life – will never be enough to grant me forgiveness, but it’s the least I can do.”

This mysterious letter has left investigators puzzled, as it implies the wife, who appeared to be delusional, ended their marriage in a murder-suicide. Strangely enough, however, neighbors from the surrounding area claimed the Elsners were a perfect couple. Happily in love, never a sign of arguments or tension. The only evidence pointing to why Nancy may have murdered Henry leads us to Mr. Elsner’s profession as a journalist. On the first of June, Henry resigned from his job at the Chicago Tribune suddenly and without reason. A coworker reported, “[Henry] sure seemed to be in a hurry about the whole thing, one could’a guessed he was being held at gunpoint! He looked absolutely terrified!” In attempts to gather more information on the events leading up to Henry’s death, investigators tried to contact Frances Elsner, mother of Henry, and only known relative of the Elsners. She never answered nor replied to their phone calls.

Investigators are still working to get to the bottom of this case.

Case Two

Revolves around The COLORBARS Incident of 1987 and the events leading up to it.


Uploaded December 21, 2016 Featuring Fukase
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“Alright, is this thing working?”

He took a few steps back, fumbling over stray cables. From somewhere within the house, he could faintly hear his own voice projecting through the living room television set. “Kennith?” The muffled voice of his mother shouted. “Kenntih, what the hell are you doing in there?” He snickered, “I’m assuming we’re on! Well, here goes nothing.” With the flick of a switch, COLORBARS was live. An intricate pattern of vivid, pulsating colors was projected onto a chroma key backdrop behind him. Accompanying the visuals were finely-tuned frequencies, blasted through the sound system at such a high volume it’d be impossible to hear one’s own thoughts. He spoke into the microphone; a cheap, broken model he found and patched up from an electronics store. “Can you still hear me? Wait, hold up,” he slipped out of the camera’s view for a few seconds to fiddle with the audio mix. “Here, let’s try something: Scream as loud as you can if you can hear me.” The neighborhood roared with the voices of it’s residents, and Kennith burst into a fit of laughter. “It worked! Oh my f▬cking g▬d, it worked!” He took a moment to collect himself, then returned his attention to the camera. “Well, let’s start off by telling y’all what this is,” he motioned behind him to the green screen, drawing the audience’s attention to the colorful presentation. “See this? I made it myself,” he spoke with a matter-of-fact tone, “And you hear that ringing noise? Made that too. The frequencies of the audio mixed with the pulsating visuals create an electromagnetic field strong enough to brainwash someone.” He put a finger up to his lips, “I mean, not like any of you are smart enough to comprehend that.” “You know, I had always wondered what it’d be like to see an entire country shut down,” Kennith begun swinging the microphone around, careless as to whether or not it broke. “Hell, what would it be like if everyone died, all at once? Now, I could certainly cause that, couldn’t I? Nobody wants me around, so why should I give a d▬mn in return?"

Kennith paused, then let out a small, forced laugh.

“But I think it’s a little early in the evening for that, isn’t it? I mean, the party’s just stared, right?”

Case Three

A girl relies on her online persona to hide her insecurities.[9]


The End



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