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Published March 29, 2017, with 40+ YouTube views and 10+ SoundCloud views


we all suffer for our art
—author's comment
"CREATION" is a song featuring AVANNA by Zion XYZ. It is the prequel to OUR GALAXY. The story is about how a god named Solaris who created the universe. She created another god named Nero, whom she planned to rule her universe with, but he turned on her and left.


i'm all alone
i will create
a world to exist

it's a beautiful world
i am no longer lonely

it's a wonderful world
maybe for sure i'm never

do they truly know who
to praise for their lives
and world

is it all worth it
or is this all in vain
please hear me...

i will create another
being in my image
oh, so i won't be lonely
please i need you now

a god will keep me company
to rule over this
unruly world full of death
creatures please hear me

oh i'm not all alone
we'll be together forever
keep me company
no need praise from
them anymore

we'll share this galaxy
king and queen of the
stars, let's rule
this space together

a carefree nature
is all we need

where are you going?
you promised me
don't leave me a
CREATION gone rouge
i'm all alone
with a broken world

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