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Album title
  • "CY"
Published December 15, 2013
  • CYO Style (producer)
  • Kairex, BanYa, MJQ, Antonio Vivaldi (music)
  • Eri, Saki, Titan (lyrics)
  • X.O.X. Generation, Cake DJ (remix)


"CY" is an album by CYO Style. It mostly consists of instrumentals, though also has various original Vocaloid songs and remixes

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Track listingEdit

1."Triangles on the Sun" CYO Style 4:00
2."Vinta" CYO Style 3:21
3."Burning Bright Pt. 2" CYO Style 4:20
4."Arrows Game" Kairex and CYO Style 2:30
5."Vox Luminus" (Luminous Voice) CYO Style 3:58
6."Solitary Reawakening" BanYa, X.O.X. Generation, and CYO Style 4:31
7."CY" CYO Style 4:44
8."Extravaganza (CY Mix)" BanYa, CYO Style, and Kairex 1:49
9."2AM Dreamy Wonderland (CY Mix)"EriMJQ, CYO StyleHatsune Miku6:03
10."Algo de compasión" (Some compassion)CYO StyleCYO StyleSergio Octubre3:54
11."No cortes tus alas Original Mix" (Don't cut your wings Original Mix)SakiCYO StyleCristy O4:52
12."En tu mirar" (In your eyes)CYO StyleCYO StyleMAIKA4:13
13."Que decida el corazón" (Let the heart decide)CYO StyleCYO StyleMAIKA4:08
14."You again my love"TitanCYO StyleYue4:50
15."Caila's Secret (Remasterized)" CYO Style 4:05
16."1,2,3 Hit It!! (Remasterized)" CYO Style 4:41
17."The Storm (Rain Acústic)" Antonio Vivaldi and CYO Style 2:28
18."Extravaganza (CY Mix) Full Song" BanYa, CYO Style, and Kairex 4:36
19."2AM Dreamy Wonderland (CY Mix)"EriMJQ, CYO StyleEri6:03
20."En tu mirar Original Mix"CYO StyleCYO StyleMAIKA6:28
21."En tu mirar Original Mix"CYO StyleCYO StyleACYOR6:25
22."Que decida el corazón Original Mix"CYO StyleCYO StyleMAIKA6:00
23."CY Pop #1 Remix" Kairex, CYO Style, and Cake DJ 6:39
24."CY Pop #2 Remix" Saki, Eri, MJQ, CYO Style, and Cake DJ 8:41

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