Cadencii is a voice synthesizer program and frontend for several other voice synthesizers.

It is currently officially available for Windows and Mac OS X. The latest version available is v3.5.4 for Windows and v3.4.1 for Mac OS X. There is also an unofficial port in the Debian repositories at v3.3.9.

On Mac OS X and other Unix-based operating systems, Cadencii requires Wine to be useful. For OS X there is jCadencii, a JAVA version of Cadencii for OS X. The JAVA frontend is actually compiled from a lot of #ifdef JAVA in the C# Code.[2] If you take a look into the OS X .app bundle, you'll still find minimized wine bundles to support the dlls with native Windows code.

It's not possible to use Mono to build and run the CSharp program cross-platform yet, since there is some native Windows code. Workarounds may be possible in a way like pipelight, a method to provide better SilverLight/Flash support in Unix(-like) systems using wine.


Cadencii is a voice synthesizer program. It has its own engine (written by shuraba-P / HAL) named v.Connect-STAND, but also can act as a frontend to VOCALOID, VOCALOID2, UTAU (or rather, UTAU resamplers), STRAIGHT with UTAU, WORLD, and AquesTone.

Cadencii's interface emulates the VOCALOID interface very closely. The piano roll can also change color depending on the synthesizer engine being used; for example, when VOCALOID2 is selected as the synthesizer, the piano roll becomes grey and green, and when UTAU is selected, it becomes blue and pink.

Cadencii has its own file format, .xvsq (not to be confused with VOCALOID3's .VSQx). Cadencii can also import and export other synthesizers' project files, such as VOCALOID's VSQ and UTAU's UST file formats. Notably, it can export as MusicXML, making it a popular choice for creating files that work with Sinsy, especially in combination with its ability to import VOCALOID and UTAU project files.

Besides simply being able to import VSQ and UST files, Cadencii can also read the pitchbends (old pitchbend type/Mode1-only for UST), which can be used in combination with Cadencii's ability to use multiple synthesizers, as seen in the example video below (Tori no Uta).


Romaji/English Sinsy tutorial: how to sing by using Cadencii
nwp8861 (Mimirobo-P)
Category Tutorial


A video explaining how to export MusicXML files for use with Sinsy.
Tori no Uta
Featuring Nukupoid
Category Cover


An example of an UTAU voicebank being used in Cadencii.

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The source code used to be hosted on SourceForge.JP, but has moved to GitHub.


  • Cadencii is free software.
  • Source codes of Cadencii are the copyright of kbinani.
  • It's stated that Cadencii is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
  • Cadencii is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0.


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