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  • "carry"
Published November 14, 2014, with 9,900+ YouTube views, 370+ SoundCloud views, and 930+ Niconico views
  • corasundae (compose, arrangement, lyrics, tuning, mixing, video editor)
  • rev (illust)
  • AzulEnergy, CatsWalk, Rymoka (rendering)


"carry" is an original Megurine Luka song and features OLIVER, GUMI English, and galaco singing the "ha" parts.

The song tells the story of a girl whose love left her without saying goodbye or promising to return. Over time, she learned that she'd have to just "carry on".

According to corasundae, the chorus was originally written for a fast rock song.


the windowsills are glistening
as snow begins to fall
the cold licks at my fingertips
and numbs me to it all

if anybody's listening,
then listen to me well
the chiming silver bells announce
the story I will tell

once, somebody held me
once, somebody held my hand and said
I'm not alone because he's here with me

On a bustling street, you pulled me along
just as faint as the wind, you whistled a song
"what's wrong,"
so you asked and in turn I had said
"it's nothing"
that's not a lie

with the brush of a kiss
the touch of a hand
you don't promise a thing
or that you'll come back
and then, then you left, and you left
me with just those
two words:
"carry on"

the snowfall turns to rainy days
an arc across the sky
the seasons are forgetting you
and slowly, so do I

I still remember bits of it
a story that I tell
but now it has solemnity
a lot more like a spell

once, somebody held me
once, somebody held my hand, and yet
I can't remember
he was here with me.

Hid away with you that cold September day
in your company, in your company, with nothing good to say
Then you stood up and would soon be on your way
You said something then, and it changed my life
those two words, what were they? ah

now I feel an ache
somewhere in my chest
I thought time would over time have put it to rest
but it's only dulled
and the truth hasn't changed.
I loved you. It's not a lie.

with the brush of a kiss
the touch of a hand
you don't promise a thing
you'll never come back.
but somewhere inside,
those two words ring and I

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