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Song title
  • "Carry on"
Published June 13, 2011, with 5,900+ YouTube views
  • James Chen


"Carry On" is a song featuring Sweet ANNby James Chen. It is the first demonstration piece written for her Taiwan release by E-CAPSULE Co. Ltd.


when you are alone
nowhere to go
feel no one can know
don't know where you belong
just carry on

you lose your heart
nowhere to find
raise your head you'll see
I'm crying with you
oh, my dear friend

oh dear
you could have life again
every day will not be the same
oh friend
pick up your dream
and open heart again
you and me
let's carry on


Below is an official Chinese translation: via Producer. Amendments may have been made to the original translation.
Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
當你感到孤單 dang ni gandao gudan
又無處可去 you wu chu ke qu
覺得沒人了解你 juede mei ren liaojie ni
徬徨何處是依歸的時候 pang huang he chu shì yigui de shihou
請好好保重 qing haohao baozhong

當你感到失落 dang ni gandao shiluo
感到走投無路時 gandao zoutouwulu shi
請胎起頭,你會發現 qing tai qitou, ni huì faxian
我正在為你哭泣 wo zhèngzai wèi ni kuqì
啊, 我親愛的朋友 a, wo qin'ai de pengyou

哦, 親愛的 o, qin'ai de
你可以起死回生 ni keyi qisihuishēng
讓每天不是一成不變 rang meitian bushì yichengbubian
噢,朋友 o, pengyou
重拾你的美夢 chong shi ni dì meimèng
並再次敞開胸懷 bìng zaicì changkai xionghuai
就讓你和我 jiu rang ni he wo
彼此互相珍重 bici huxiang zhēnzhong

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