Articles(items) in this category may possibly benefit the wiki and interest readers and contributors. Discuss, suggest, edit, talk of what improvements can be added to Vocaloid Wiki Projects. These items may eventually be of temporary use to the wiki, become a permanent addition, or end up deleted. Use the items talk page or the following talk pages: Forum for discussion.

Basic purpose of Projects
  • The item may have been: created without any specific purpose or categorization / passed over in favor of other projects / forgotten by contributors / no longer of interest, despite new information / out-of-date.
    • The Admins of the wiki have not yet deleted the item and perhaps see its future potential.
  • The item has a decent layout and content, yet hovers between the "Work In Progress" phase and being informational enough to be understood.
  • The item is being heavily edited and moving toward being more beneficial to the wiki and its readers.
  • The item has no content or is a stub by some means. It might be possible to save the item by suggesting what could be done with it.
    • Example: Manual of style / Content / Images / Titling / Incoming Information / Categorization

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