Setting up a common criteria for the avatars Edit

We need to set up the some common format for the avatars. This is the format and rules that I propose:

  • The avatar must be an 140x140px .PNG file, it works well for the bottom section "Read more", and this format doesn't lose too much quality when is resized.
  • The image has to shown an image who shows CLEARLY THE STYLE OF THE ILLUSTRATOR. The idea is recognize to the artist at first sight.
  • When is possible try to use a face close-up with the eyes around the center of the image. Examples Hiro Tamura; NEGI
  • Also if is possible, the avatar has to shown or make reference to a well known work of that person. Example: Kitano Tomotoshi > Pretty Panties ☆ Aku-MaRin. This can be specially useful if 2 illustrators have a similar style.
  • When you embed the image to its article, please resize to 80px and set the align: left

Adept-eX 06:14, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

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