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  • "Changes"
Published February 27, 2012, with 14,700+ YouTube views
  • apol (music, lyrics, illust)
  • Carmen (lyrics check)


so I made this song, (also as a tribute for the old mango tree in our backyard *sobs*) because uh everything's changing LOLOL
"Changes" is an original Megurine Luka song. It is apol's first attempt at a VOCALOID dubstep song, one that inspired many to follow thanks to its resounding success.


I walked outside and looked around,
everything has changed, it's not the same
10 years ago, this place was green
the air I breathed was clean

10 years have passed, and in a flash
the trees around have turned into ash
I want it back, the place I loved
I want to change this..

is this what we call improvement?
can't you hear our planet cry?
this is not the final moment
It's not too late to try

even though it won't be simple
let's all give a helping hand
help us save our future
bring the colors back to life

there's still hope to change the world
the world we used to lived in
if we all unite, we can make it right,
a chance to make our future bright

there's still hope to change the world
the world we used to lived in
let us all unite, and we'll make it right,
it's not too late to change...

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