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  • "cheeRfuL"
Published November 30, 2008, for ¥1,500


"cheeRfuL" is a compilation of album of a number of producers, such as mothy, Lelele-P, Jun-P, uniMemo-P and more. It is a compilation album from the community Rin Len SNS, which includes 16 tracks and a 20 pages full color booklet from 16 different illustrators.

Notable songs from the compilation include mothy's "South North Story", and Lelele-P's "Discotheque Love". It's first distributed in VOC@M@S 6, and was purchasable from Toranoana, but is no longer available there.


1."プロローグ・トーク (Prologue Talk)"sayuki sayuki, Kagamine Rin and Len4:10
2."cheeRfuL Harmony '08"sayukiAnn-Melts PKagamine Rin and Len4:23
3."鏡の世界へ (Kagami no Sekai e)" (Through the Looking-Glass)innisfreeinnisfreeKagamine Rin3:45
4."虹 (Niji)" (Rainbow)komsoyakomsoyaKagamine Len4:06
5."キーウィ (Kiwi)"LopnurLopnurKagamine Len4:14
6."リンレン弾 (Rin Len Dan)" (Rin Len Bullets)HealingPHealingPKagamine Rin & Len3:50
7."向日葵の村へ (Himawari no Mura e)" (To the Village of Sunflowers)Sasasa-PSasasa-PKagamine Rin and Len3:55
8."ディスコティック★ラヴ (Discotheque★Love)"Lelele-PLelele-PKagamine Len4:41
9."君が気付けるように (Kimi ga Kidzukeru You ni)" (As You Notice)dinosaur42adinosaur42aKagamine Rin 
10."空の果てへ (Sora no Hate e)" (To the Ends of the Sky)KofunKofunKagamine Rin and Len4:36
11."ii!!"TennenTennenKagamine Rin and Len4:44
12."茜 (Akane)" (Madder)sayukimothy, uniMemo-PKagamine Rin and Len3:53
13."悠久音色 (Yūkyū Neiro)" (Eternal Tone)FunePFunePKagamine Len3:10
14."MIDDLE"Jun-PJun-PKagamine Rin and Len 
15."South North Story"mothymothy and uniMemo-PKagamine Rin3:53
16."エピローグ・トーク (Epilogue Talk)"sayuki Kagamine Rin and Len 
Total length:56:46

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