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Chiho-P (ちほP), also known as Buchiko and Hashimochi, is an illustrator who has created a number of both original fanmade PVs, mostly for songs featuring Kagamine Rin. Chiho-P's most notable works would be Junky's songs "Twinkle" and "Melancholic", and Dixie Flatline's "Sweetiex2", among others.

Chiho-P, along with several other illustrators, was also one of the screen designers for the game -Project DIVA- Arcade.

Chiho-P was born on September 9th. According to her piapro profile, she currently lives in Sapporo.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[nn] "ずっと、ずっと・・・" MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len March 9, 2008
music world Kagamine Rin & Len April 24, 2008 illustration
名もなき花の種 (Na mo Naki Hana no Tane) Kagamine Len June 12, 2008 illustration
旅人とボク (Tabibito to Boku) Hatsune Miku July 9, 2008 illustration
時の終わり (Toki no Owari) Hatsune Miku August 2, 2008 illustration
[nn][yt] "Sweetiex2" Hatsune Miku August 25, 2008 illustration, video
世界の端に立っている (Sekai no Hashi ni Tatteiru) Hatsune Miku October 12, 2008 illustration
飛んでけ!片思い! (Tondeke! Kataomoi!) Kagamine Rin December 13, 2008 illustration
Fake BoY Hatsune Miku January 17, 2009 illustration
せんたくびより (Sentaku Biyori) Hatsune Miku March 3, 2009 illustration
ねこのバス (Neko to Bus) Hatsune Miku May 18, 2009 illustration
E_o_mE_tA Hatsune Miku June 7, 2009 illustration
きみにごめんね (Kimi ni Gomenne) GUMI June 26, 2009 illustration
[nn][pp][yt] "1925" Hatsune Miku October 5, 2009 illustration
Closed Time Leaper Hatusne Miku October 9, 2009 illustration
Killing me Megurine Luka October 10, 2009 illustration
[nn] "ZIGG-ZAGG" Hatsune Miku October 29, 2009 illust
Low tension Dance Hatsune Miku March 23, 2010 illustration
パンドラ (Pandora) Hatsune Miku April 10, 2010 illustration
[nn][yt] "メランコリック" Kagamine Rin April 19, 2010 illustration, video
カラフルソーダ (Colorful Soda) Hatsune Miku September 8, 2010 illustration
[nn] "ハローストロボ" Hatsune Miku November 10, 2010 illustration
[nn] "サディスティック・ラブ" Kagamine Rin January 13, 2011 illustration
[nn] "鏡音MAD狂信道" Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin June 13, 2011 illustration
[nn] "トゥインクル" Kagamine Rin July 14, 2011 illust, video
[nn] "狐ノ嫁入リ" Kagamine Rin August 13, 2011 (album)
February 27, 2012 (PV)
ときめきポータブル (Tokimeki Portable) GUMI September 1, 2011 illustration, animation, video
黄昏の空 (Tasogare no Sora) Hatsune Miku October 24, 2011 illustration
あなたの隣は私の指定席 (Anata no Tonari wa Watashi no Shiteiseki) Hatsune Miku November 1, 2012 illustration
シュガービッツ (Sugar Bits) Hatsune Miku December 15, 2012 illustration
ユメトイ (Yumetoi) Megurine Luka February 23, 2013 illustration
サイケデリック・ラヴポップ (Psychedelic Love Pop) Kagamine Len December 27, 2013 illustration
ブルーライト (Blue Light) Hatsune Miku March 4, 2014 illustration
ふつーの魔法少女でごめんなさい。(Futsuu no Mahou Shoujo de Gomennasai.) Hatsune Miku Append April 26, 2014 illustration
[nn] "365月病" Masaoka Azuki and Kobayashi Matcha May 9, 2014 illustration
Sweet heart Hatsune Miku July 11, 2014 illustration
[nn][yt] "Happy Halloween" Kagamine Rin October 10, 2014 illustration
回帰点 -Append Mix- (Kaiki-ten -Append Mix-) Kagamine Rin Append October 30, 2014 illustration
[nn][yt] "コペルニクス" Hatsune Miku July 12, 2015 illustration
妄想少女 (Mousou Shoujo) Hatsune Miku August 18, 2015 illustration
[nn][yt] "あなたの願いをうたうもの" Hatsune Miku August 22, 2015 illustration
ド・レ・ミ (Do Re Mi) Hatsune Miku March 1, 2016 illustration
marble future rate Hatsune Miku November 28, 2016 illustration
しあわせかくれんぼ (Shiawase Kakurenbo) Hatsune Miku December 16, 2018 illustration
CLUB『UNIVERSE』 GUMI July 9, 2019 illustration
DJドクター (DJ Doctor) Hatsune Miku August 18, 2019 illustration
brains in a vat Megurine Luka V4X December 6, 2019 illustration
[nn][yt] "キミペディア" Kagamine Rin & Len December 27, 2017 illust
Lemonade Hatsune Miku May 24, 2020 illustration
ACTION!-Remake2020- Kagamine Rin & Len V4X July 4, 2020 illustration
閑話 (Kanwa) Hatsune Miku July 29, 2020 illustration
ラズベリービィト (Raspberry Beet) Hatsune Miku April 24, 2021 illustration
パティオでお茶を (Patio de Ocha o) Hatsune Miku September 25, 2021 illustration
拗恋 (Sunekoi) Hatsune Miku October 15, 2021 illustration
[nn][yt][bb] "雨を爆破した世界で" Kagamine Len October 27, 2021 illust



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
KARENT 幻想論 (Gensou Ron) Kagamine Rin February 22, 2009 album art
dmARTS "Rink ~Junky×鏡音リン THE BEST~" Kagamine Rin April 25 2012 album art
U/M/A/A "DECO*27 VOCALOID COLLECTION 2008~2012" Hatsune Miku and GUMI December 18, 2013 album art (Special Edition)
Being "origin" Hatsune Miku September 2, 2015 album art


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
ASCII Media Works MIKU-Pack 00 Song Collection "WHITE" Hatsune Miku December 15, 2012 illustration
ASCII Media Works MIKU-Pack 07 Song Collection "Rain Drops" Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Rin & Len Append May 15, 2014 illustration