ChronosTyphoonX is a Vocaloid producer on YouTube. Much like Sango312, he often does covers. However, they are mostly covers of the British electronic band Depeche Mode. This could be considered his best skill since he uses KAITO, MEIKO, and Hatsune Miku for the songs instead of using an English Vocaloid. He has made one song using Megurine Luka`s English voice bank though.

He also covers anime themes, though it seems he only does themes that others have not made yet, such as a cover of "Turn A Turn" from the anime Turn A Gundam that he has made recently. While he is still rather unknown, a view of his videos can show a constant flow of improvement, be it Vocal-wise or musical composition. His name seems to come from the name of an attack from the Sailor Moon series.

STATUS:June 2010 → Present
URL(s)Channel: Youtube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Its No Good (Depeche Mode cover)" (Miku) (Jun.27.2010)
  2. "Nothing`s Impossible (Depeche Mode cover)" (Pitched Miku) (Jul.7.2010)
  3. "Berserk (Tell Me Why cover)" (KAITO) (Aug.01.2010)
  4. "One Caress (Depeche Mode cover)" (Len) (Aug.11.2010)
  5. "I Feel Loved (Depeche Mode cover)" (KAITO) (Aug.11.2010)
  6. "Shake the Disease (Depeche Mode cover)" (Pitched Miku) (Aug.15.2010)
  7. "Get the Balance Right (Depeche Mode cover)" (MEIKO) (Aug.15.2010)
  8. "John the Revelator (Depeche Mode cover)" (Pitched Miku) (Aug.26.2010)
  9. "The Things You Said (Depeche Mode cover)" (Pitched Miku) (Sep.13.2010)
  10. "Rhythm Emotion: Miku Suit Gundam (Gundam Wing cover)" (Miku) (Sep.21.2010)
  11. "Nashi de ne Shiru (Pitched Miku)" (Nov.10.2010)
  12. "Char ga Kuru (Mobile Suit Gundam cover)" (KAITO) (Nov.20.2010)
  13. "ZZ Gundam OP (Double Zeta Gundam cover)" (Piko) (Dec.15.2010)
  14. "Turn A Turn (Turn A Gundam cover)" (KAITO & MEIKO) (Dec.28.2010)
  15. "I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Depeche Mode cover)" (Luka) (Jan.27.2011)
  16. "Fukkireta" (UTAU Yokune Ruko) (Feb.06.2011)
  17. "Tobe! Gundam! (Feb.17.2011)
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