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Image of "Clockwork Lullaby"
Series title
  • "ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄"
    Romaji: Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta
    Official English: Clockwork Lullaby
Published March 8, 2008


A series of songs by Mothy labeled as Clockwork Lullaby from "0" to "12", including "R" and "A" that are each connected by the distinctive "Lu Li La" pattern sung in each song. Mothy has stated that he plans to release numeral songs up to "12". Eventually the 3 remaining songs were released in the Zenmai Jikake no Komoriuta album, which also included a remasterization of the previously released songs of the series.

The matter that if there were a connection between "Story of Evil" and "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series was hotly-debated among fans until the debut of the song "Heartbeat Clocktower", which revealed some connection and foreshadowing with the Seven Deadly Sins series. Later, the song "Chrono Story" and its connection with Original Sin Story revealed that actually the songs of the series are part of the complex network that conforms the Mothy's storyline. Despite this, the link between the songs are sort of ambiguous and Akuno-P mentioned the interpretation can differ from person to person.

Like in all Akuno-P's works, the songs have keywords associated with them.



言葉遊び (Kotoba Asobi)

Uploaded March 8, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music mothy Main article 言葉遊び (Kotoba Asobi)
Lyrics mothy
Video mothy (illust, video)
"When I learned the word Evil."

Related with Clockwork Lullaby 1 (sharing part of the lyric and apparently having the same singer in both songs), and later confirmed by the official English title of "Clockwork Lullaby 0", this song is the first numeral in the series. The song talks how the singer begun to understand the meaning behind the words. The singer starts singing word with positive meanings such as 'Mother', 'Father', 'Wind', 'Water', 'Dreams' and 'Love'. Then the singer declares that with that last word finally understood the shape of the world, but that still can't find the word for his/her feelings. After that, the song changes the background music to a dissonant and darker melody and the singer begins to mention words with negative meanings such as 'Lies', 'Pain', 'Crime', 'Punishment' and 'Evil'. Then the singer declares with that last word she becomes aware of the world's darkness and asks which word will be required when he/she will be cast aside. Despite wishing to never had known the meaning of such dark words, the singer affirms that will continue playing with words. Finally the singers says that she will continue always at the side of the person to which the song is dedicated to, teaching him/her new words.

ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄 (Zenmai Jikake no Komoriuta)

Uploaded March 22, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music mothy Main article ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄 (Zenmai Jikake no Komoriuta)
Lyrics mothy
Video mothy (illust, video)
"This singing voice is a clockwork lullaby"

"Clockwork Lullaby" is the second numeral song in Akuno-P's "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series. An unknown girl sings a lullaby that she wants others to listen to and hopes to heal them, with the distinctive "Lu Li La" pattern.

The first line of the song is the same as the last line of "Kotoba Asobi" (Word Play) by Akuno-P which was sung by also Rin.

箱庭の少女 (Hakoniwa no Shoujo)

Uploaded June 22, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music mothy Main article 箱庭の少女 (Hakoniwa no Shoujo)
Lyrics mothy
Video Aono, Suzunosuke, Tatsuri, Mari no Hito, *tsuitachi*, Momo☆Y☆A☆, Mayuki, Painter Brioche, Hena, Kyaruri, Yakou, Ayakaze, ataru, Chii Oumi, Ha!Ne, Nez@Benio (illust), Akuno-P (video)
"No need to know the world outside"

"Clockwork Lullaby 2" or "Hakoniwa no Shoujo" is the third numeral song in "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series. The song is about the Clockwork Doll, the vessel of Sloth and her "father", Gallerian Marlon. The doll has never left her room nor could she walk and questions how the world is outside her home. He dotes on her by giving her the other vessels, however they mock her for thinking she could be more than what they are: A Vessel of Sin

At the end of the song, The Doll realizes that war has broken out and the house is burned down. Although as she is not a human being, she survives. The "Lu Li La" lullaby is sung by the doll near the song's conclusion.

Akuno-P commented that the song is not directly related to the story of "The Daughter of Evil" series.[1] The song is directly related to the fourth song of the series, Heartbeat Clocktower, and the fifth song of the Seven Deadly Sins series, Judgment of Corruption.


Uploaded December 27, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music mothy Main article Re_birthday
Lyrics mothy
Video mothy (illust, video)
"I am alone"

"Clockwork Lullaby 3" or "Re_birthday" is the fourth numeral song in the "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta " series. In this song, a boy is alone in a dark room not being able to see, then he hears a voice saying that he will be staying there for eternity (the scene turned green in the original video) then he starts to remember the evil that he has done. He found that his arms are in red handcuffs (representing blood shed) and his ankles are in blue chains (representing the shed tears). Years pass and he looses count of then, but he hears a melody of someone's voice coming from somewhere (the melody of Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta sung by Rin), and it is slowly healing his soul. After light shine down from the roof, the red handcuffs and the blue chains disappear, saying he will soon be reborn and this is his new birthday.

Officially the third song of the series, though not originally in "Story of Evil" series. However, it was debated heavily that the song is written for Rin's "Regret Message" and has an obvious relation with it, as it is announced by mothy. The inclusion of the song in the album 悪ノ王国 ~Evils Kingdom~ showed the connection between the song and the series, in the album it is simply titled as Re_birthday.

In mothy's third Deadly Sins of Evil book, Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook, a short story came, titled "Heavenly Yard". It's told out of the point of view of a god named Sickle who created the Evillious region. He muses on Allen and calls him "Irregular". He also reveals that Allen was not supposed to exist and that he was supposed to be Hänsel.

In the short story for Seven Crimes and Punishments however, Irregular was revealed to be separate entity from Allen and a third boy that was trapped in a black box made an appearence. Just like Allen and Irregular, he also looks identical to Hänsel

ハートビート・クロックタワー (Heartbeat Clocktower)

F.Voriginal ver
Uploaded October 1, 2009 Featuring KAITO
Music mothy Main article ハートビート・クロックタワー (Heartbeat Clocktower)
Lyrics mothy
Video Suzunosuke (illust)
"A lonely man on the verge of death opened a small theater deep in the forest"

"Clockwork Lullaby 4" or "Heartbeat Clocktower" is the fifth numeral song in the "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series. The song was originally on mothy's piapro page and was exclusively for his fans following him on piapro. It was later included in his album "prelude to forest". Eventually, mothy made a "final" version of the song, with an added tag "(F.V.)" (Forest Version). It was initially released with his album "EVILS FOREST" but was released as a PV shortly after.

The song concerns a mysterious clocktower and its actual guardian, Gear. The dead owner, embodiment of Greed and former guardian of the clocktower, the "Collector", created a theater for the "Collectibles" where they forever enact their story.

Gear's main concern is to keep The Clockworker's Doll alive through the clocktower, and if it stops, she will die.

Performing his task day by day, he describes other inhabitants of the clocktower, including the Master of the Graveyard, who devours any helpless visitor who had the bad luck to end up in the theater, and a "pretentious" servant girl (Waiter) who "indulges in selfishness", but expresses sadness for the loss of her "other half".

He also observes how the Kayo's Scissors and the Venom Sword continue to be "dormant". Gear, realizing that the clock was going to stop soon, sacrificed himself to keep it running by taking out his own heart and using it to power the clocktower.

クロノ・ストーリー (Chrono Story)

Favicon-nn.pngillustrator's upload
Uploaded December 22, 2010 (CD) Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka
Music mothy (music), daishi (mastering) Main article クロノ・ストーリー (Chrono Story)
Lyrics mothy
Video Rgveta (illust, video)
"I have unlimited anyway"

"Clockwork Lullaby 5" or Chrono Story is the sixth numeral song in the "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series. After killing their foster mother by pushing her into the oven, Hänsel and Gretel split her original sin in seven parts, each one becoming one of the Seven Deadly Sins, represented by an object. The Lust becomes The Flower (represented by a rose), the Gluttony becomes The Seeds (represented by a pomegranate), the Pride becomes The Stone (represented by a jewel or precious stone), the Envy becomes a The Spring (represented as a jar), the Sloth becomes the Wind (represented along the clockwork doll, the Greed becomes The Soil (represented inside of a sand clock) and finally the Wrath becomes the Forest itself (represented as the moon illuminating the woods). Then, the Seven Deadly Sins rise in the sky and are spread throughout the world. As this happens, the twins ask that someone clean the filth created by their "Mother". Seeing the current situation, the Tree of Held, the forest's guardian, asks an old friend, an immortal witch named Elluka Clockworker, to retrieve the Seven Deadly Sins. Because of her tragic past, which gave her eternal life and caused the loss of her loved one, had nothing to lose, the witch then begins her quest. Elluka eventually travels to the Venomania mansion and the events of The Lunacy of Duke Venomania begins. Then the song ends with a faint "Lu Li La" sung by the Kagamines along the final piano melody.

茶番カプリシオ (Chaban Capriccio)

Uploaded August 13, 2011 (CD) Featuring Rin, Len, Miku, Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, Gackpo, GUMI
Music mothy Main article 茶番カプリシオ (Chaban Capriccio)
Lyrics mothy
Video Painter Brioche (illust), mothy (video)
“Now, let's start the farcical hearing”

"Clockwork Lullaby 6" or Capriccio Farce is the seventh numeral song in the "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series. It tells about the Sin vessels reunited in the ruined theater built by the Collector, the missing Sin (Wrath) and the urge to find the last master (Master of The Hellish yard). Master of the Court (Clockworker's Doll) tries to ask Ma (Luka) its location though she doesn't know it either, but she fears that it might be on "that girl's hand" (Master of Hellish Yard). Seeing that they need to organize in order to find the last Deadly Sin, the Master of the Court authorizes the newest theater inhabitant: Gammon Octo (Gackpo) who talks about the events when he entered it. He mentions that he entered the forest looking for the Venom Sword in order to undo the curse of his bloodline, being a descendant of Venomania, but was captured by the Master of the Graveyard and her servants. As he is about to be killed under the sentence of the Master of the Court, he's saved by the Waiter (Rin) to do jobs for her, thus becoming the "Gardener". The "Lu Li La" lullaby is sung by Irregular before the final chorus.

七つの罪と罰 (Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu)

Uploaded February 13, 2015 Featuring Rin, Len, Miku, Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, Gackpo, GUMI
Music mothy (music), Mitsuyasu Yanagita (guitar) Main article 七つの罪と罰 (Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu)
Lyrics mothy
Video Ichika (illust), Okiku (video)
“Now, let us begin.”

"Clockwork Lullaby 7" or Seven Crimes and Punishments is the eigth numeral song in the "Zenmai-Jikake no Komoriuta" series, released to commemorate mothy's seventh anniversary of his song career.

どこかで聞いた唄 (Dokoka de Kiita Uta)

Uploaded August 16, 2015 Featuring Nekomura Iroha
Music mothy Main article どこかで聞いた唄 (Dokoka de Kiita Uta)
Lyrics mothy
Video Genzai Monogatari - Kanzen Ban -
"Clockwork Lullaby 8" or "Dokoka de Kiita Uta" is the ninth numeral song in he series. The song if sung by Irina, talking about how she met her creator Seth, became a red cat, hearing the clockwork lullaby and swearing revenge on Elluka.

あの橋に誓って (Ano Hashi ni Chikatte)

Uploaded August 14, 2016 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music mothy Main article あの橋に誓って (Ano Hashi ni Chikatte)
Lyrics mothy
Video Lucifenia Trinity
"Clockwork Lullaby 9" or "Ano Hashi ni Chikatte" is the tenth song in the series.

Elluka Clockworker, along with the other Three Heroes, Mariam Futapie and Leonhart Avadonia are going to the Sanosun Bridge to swear their alligence to the King of Lucifenia, Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. While Elluka thinks about how bridges conects people's hearts aswell as countries, she sees a bat in the sky and hears it sing the Clockwork Lullaby. After the four meet up at the bridge, they swear their loyalty to the country.

バニカ・コンチェルト!! (Banica Concerto!!)

Uploaded August 10, 2018 Featuring MEIKO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Hatsune Miku
Music mothy Main article バニカ・コンチェルト!! (Banica Concerto!!)
Lyrics mothy
Video Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta
"Clockwork Lullaby 10" or "Banica Concerto" is the eleventh song in the series.

悪の因果は終わらない (Aku no Inga wa Owaranai)

Uploaded August 10, 2018 Featuring Hatsune Miku, KAITO
Music mothy Main article 悪の因果は終わらない (Aku no Inga wa Owaranai)
Lyrics mothy
Video Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta
"Clockwork Lullaby 11" or "Aku no Inga wa Owaranai" is the twelvth song in the series.

ソング オブ サードピリオド (Song of Third Period)

Uploaded August 10, 2018 Featuring Hatsune Miku, KAITO, MEIKO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Yowane Haku, Camui Gackpo, Gumi
Music mothy Main article ソング オブ サードピリオド (Song of Third Period)
Lyrics mothy
Video Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta
"Clockwork Lullaby 12" or "Song of Third Period" is the thirteenth song in the series.


ネジと歯車とプライド (Neji to Haguruma to Pride)

Uploaded August 10, 2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music mothy (music), uniMemo-P (arrangement, guitar) Main article ネジと歯車とプライド (Neji to Haguruma to Pride)
Lyrics mothy
Video Renta (illust), uniMemo-P (video)
"Neji to Haguruma to Pride" or alternatively "Clockwork Lullaby A" is the first alphabetical song in the series.

The song tells of two robots who try to escape a facility. A boy watches over them and wishes them well, and warns them to escape the robot chasing after them.

追想のオルゴール (Tsuisou no Orugooru)

Mothy's greed album.jpg
Uploaded January 16, 2011 Featuring Megurine Luka (original ver.); Hiyama Kiyoteru (clockworker ver.)
Music mothy Main article 追想のオルゴール (Tsuisou no Orugooru)
Lyrics mothy
Video Akutoku no Judgment ~a court of greed~ and Genzai Monogatari - Dai 2-Maku -
"Tsuisou no Orugooru" or alternatively "Clockwork Lullaby R" is the second alphabetical song in the series. There are two diffrent versions, sung by Elluka and Kiril, about their lives before and after project Ma.


  • About the song Miniature Garden Girl:
    • The Doll mentions that in the room where she is there are some particular objects. Those were 2 of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, the Marlon Spoon and the Glass of Conchita, the Vessels of Sin for Pride, Greed and Gluttony, respectively. The items mocked the Doll saying that she was the same as them, hinting the Doll was a Vessel Sin as well. Those items were featured at the beginning of the video.
    • The Clockworker's Doll is featured in many other songs, including the following:
      • Heartbeat Clocktower (She is depicted sleeping, along an image of the Theather)
      • Judgment of Corruption (She appears sleeping in a wheel chair along Gallerian Marlon)
      • Chrono Story (She is depicted along the Wind, the Forest's element for Sloth)
      • Lu Li La, Lu Li La, The Resounding Song (She is mentioned dancing with wind, holding the Marlon Spoon gathering the Soil, the Forest's element for Greed)
      • Master of the Court (She suceeds her Father as the Master of the Court)
      • Capriccio Farce (She appears as the Master of the Court)
  • About the song Chrono Story:
    • The fragments of the Seven Deadly Sins are represented by the colors of the VOCALOIDs who portray them (purple for Lust, red for Gluttony, yellow for Pride, etc.) but, curiously Wrath is represented with the color white. However, in the newly released PV for Judgement of Corruption, they change this and Wrath is represented with GUMI's green color.
      • The reason why Wrath is represented as white is due to Clarith (Haku) was fated to be the Sinner of Wrath. However because this was prevented at the end of Daughter of White, the event was postponed and the fated one passed to GUMI's character.
    • Rgveta, who illustrated the original PV, also put out the English PV on a specially made Youtube account. Rather than English subs and Japanese subs like most subbed PVs, this one had only English subs, due to the fact that Rgveta had access to the original, unsubbed PV.
    • The English PV on Youtube was featured on Mothy's blog.
    • The other women that appeared with Elluka Clockworker after the title's presentation seem to be the other "incarnations" of the sorceress throughout The Evillious Chronicles, particularly Lukana Octo (pink haired woman) and Kayo Sudou or Ma (black haired woman). This is possible through a technique or spell called "Swap Technique", which allows the user to either swap souls or bodies with another individual, the details about it are unknown and are vaguely mentioned in the "Evils Kingdom"'s Booklet. The release of Capriccio Farce's PV confirms it, the attire of the third woman (teal clothes with yellow details) is the same one used by Ma in that song.
    • The character Elluka Clockworker is featured in many other songs, including the following:
      • Recollective Musicbox (she is the fiancee)
      • Princess Sandwoman's GIFT (at the end of the PV, she has a conversation with her apprentice, Gumillia)
      • The Story of Evil (she is the court magician, unmentioned in the songs but mentioned in its Novel version: "Clôture of Yellow")
      • Fifth Pierrot (she is Number Seven, under the codename of Seventh Magician)
  • About the song Capriccio Farce:
    • The PV reveals who the characters mentioned in the song are. It also adds a little profile of them during the musical intermission. Those one are:
      • Doll-Director (Master of the Court): The director of the forest's theatre. She succeeded her "father" on her own accord and became "The Master of the Court".
      • The Magician of Time (MA): She lives in the theater and she is the founder of the Garden. She built Gallerian's theatre. Real name: Kayo Sudou.
      • Gear: After losing his power, he became the mere shadow of a spoon because he wasn't able to enter the theatre.
      • Master of the Graveyard: A phantom who was born from a glass. She officially obeys Ma, but she's actually a dark deceiving woman.
      • The Cursed Gardener: While searching for the "Venom Sword", he arrived to the theatre. Real name: Gammon Octo.
      • Waiter: She is the theatre's waitress, but she wants to do another job. She's the incarnation of a whimsy and selfish mirror.
      • Master of the Hellish yard: Gallerian Marlon met this masked girl after his death.
      • Irregular: He dwells in the womb of the “Doll-director”. Unidentified.
    • This information reveals that the inhabitants of the theater actually are the "Vessel of Sins" which took human shape after awakening. The "Awakened Vessels of Sins" seem to carry the physical appearance and some traits of their original owners, but the degree of resemblance seems to vary.
    • Interestingly, Ma appears with black hair, wearing an oriental-influenced attire and using the name of Kayo Sudou as her "real name", showing some kind of regression to the look previous to being possessed by Elluka. Her profile in Mothy's blog revealed that Kayo Sudou was a black-haired woman until she was possessed by the pink-haired Elluka. This explains why she appeared with pink hair when she committed the murders in Enbizaka, and was later detailed in the novel version of "The Tailor of Enbizaka".
    • The song makes a brief reference to the Seven Deadly Sins series because the song starts and ends with the phrases: "Now, let's start this farce of a trial" and "Now, let's start this farce called "Life", following the characteristic pattern phrase that the songs of the Seven Deadly Sins series share.
    • In the last verse of the song, the order of the 8 Vocaloids singing is based on the Vocaloid's release date.
    • The PV parodies the Ace Attorney games.


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