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Series title
  • "クローバー"
  • Romaji: Kuroobaa
  • English: Clover
Published April 04, 2009

Clover (クローバー) is a trilogy of songs by innisfree. It tells a story about two friends, represented by the singers, who went their separate ways to reach their own dreams, with the end of the series having the two friends reunite.


Acording to her blog,[1] innisfree hadn't planned on making a series when she was working on "Clover". However, due to the song's unexpected popularity, she created "Daisy" as an answer song.

After the answer song was uploaded, innisfree and snowy* decided to close the duology with an epilogue, which became "Sakura".


クローバー (Clover)

Uploaded 2009.04.29 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music snowy* Main article クローバー (Clover)
Lyrics innisfree
Video Soriku
It started with Rin, having a flashback. She remembered the day she met Len, and felt very nostalgic about it. They talked about many things, and how they always meet up at their usual place. Rin sang about how Len always remembered everything, and how he always chased his unreachable dreams.

Rin said she'll always remember those previous memories, and she said thank you for making all her days wonderful. Rin was sad to know that Len was leaving to reach his 'unreachable dreams', but even though her heart was in pain, she didn't feel lonely. Even though she cried a little bit, and even though her heart was hurt, Rin still thanked him for all the days they spent together.

デイジー (Daisy)

Uploaded 2010.02.15 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music snowy* Main article デイジー (Daisy)
Lyrics innisfree
Video Soriku
In here, the story was told in Len's point of view. He sung how he wanted to reach his dreams, also about encounters and good byes. He thought that it was a lonely life, and he believed that tomorrow would just be another empty day. He remembered the 'old days' when he and Rin were together, about the blue daisy.

Len told Rin that everyone needs to chase their dreams, and there, he said his goodbye to her, with a hug, and a kiss. He saw Rin cried a little bit, and then, Len said thank you for everything.

櫻 (Cherry Blossoms)

Uploaded 2010.04.13 Featuring Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len
Music snowy*
Lyrics innisfree
Video Soriku
A few years later, Rin graduated, she still haven't forgotten about Len. Sometimes she feels lonely, however, she could still laugh and that's what matters. Rin felt nostalgic, and decided to go to the place she and Len used to go oftenly. It was spring that time, and she saw the cherry blossom bloom.

Len saw Rin near the cherry blossom tree, and the two meet again. They exchanged gazes into each other's eyes, and promised that they'll forever walk hand in hand together.