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  • "Constellation"
Published October 07, 2015, with 68,100+ SoundCloud views and 12,000+ YouTube views
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"Constellation" is an original English VOCALOID song featuring Hatsune Miku. It was entered in the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST. One of the two runner-up's chosen as a final, it is one of two finalists written exclusively in English.


There was a star many light years away.
Dreaming one day she’d be given a name
shining alone she could never persuade
their eyes to look up at her rays.

One day a comet passed by her way.
He said “my dear, wipe those tears from your face.
The light of one it will never replace
a thousand brilliant suns in place.”

For when our paths align
patterns in the sky
lighting up the night

Followed the signs, footprints leading the way
Until she found other stars out in space.
They locked their arms and together they framed
a constellation bright as day.

For when our paths align
patterns in the sky
lighting up the night.

Open your eyes and tell me what do you see?
The galaxy is staring back at me.
These random dots are dancing in sync
inside you and me.

Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Tell me what do you see?

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