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Since VOCALOID™ was first released there have been some controversial issues that have sprung up in regards to it. While VOCALOID™ is not without criticism, these issues have become subject to much attention or outcry.

Subjects of Controversy ConcernsEdit

  • /Vocal issues
    • Singing vocal clones
    • Vocal misuse
    • Contest issues
    • Lucía and LUAN
  • /Character issues
    • Mascot portrayals
    • Design influence
    • Design reactions
    • Racial representation
    • Developer miscommunication
    • VOCALOID CHINA cast controversy
    • YANHE and Zhiyu Moke
    • Zhang Chuchu marketing controversy
  • /Product results and expectations
    • Quality
      • What is a "High Quality" result?
      • Not a Quality issue?
      • How important is it?
    • Languages
      • English Vocaloid
      • The Addition of new languages in VOCALOID3
    • Realism
      • Recreating the Human Voice
      • Voice acting/Character Portrayals
      • Realism as a goal?
    • Sound capabilities
    • Demo songs
    • Petitions and their impact
  • /MikuMikuDance
    • Model distributions and concerns
      • Basic MMD outline
        • Common producer outlines
      • Copyright Issues
      • Common concerns
      • Breaking the terms of use
      • Advice


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