Since VOCALOID™ was first released, there have been some controversial issues that have sprung up in regards to it. While VOCALOID™ is not without criticism, these issues have become subject to much attention or outcry. They are particularly upsetting for VOCALOID fans at times as they are often used to question the validity of VOCALOIDs or the software itself.

These often also have impacted a Vocaloid or Vocaloid itself, others impacted a producer or a company involved with the incident. With no way to ignore the situation due to its level of involvement, it becomes part of the history of the Vocaloid, the Vocaloid software, a producer or company. These events are recorded on this page, covering all known facts and issues on these incidents, some details of which were not widely available at the time of the event or were lost due to the overwhelming reactions at the time.

Subjects of Controversy ConcernsEdit

  • /Vocal issues
    • Singing vocal clones
    • Vocal misuse
    • Contest issues
    • Lucía and LUAN
  • /Character issues
    • Mascot portrayals
    • Design influence
    • Design reactions
    • Racial representation
    • Developer miscommunication
    • VOCALOID CHINA cast controversy
    • YANHE and Zhiyu Moke
    • Zhang Chuchu marketing controversy
  • /Product results and expectations
    • Quality
    • Languages
      • English Vocaloid
      • The Addition of new languages in VOCALOID3
    • Realism
      • Recreating the Human Voice
      • Voice acting/Character Portrayals
      • Realism as a goal?
    • Sound capabilities
    • Demo songs
    • Petitions and their impact
  • /MikuMikuDance
    • Model distributions and concerns
      • Basic MMD outline
        • Common producer outlines
      • Copyright Issues
      • Common concerns
      • Breaking the terms of use
      • Advice

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