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Song title
  • "Corruption Garden"
Published February 25, 2010, with 273,500+ Niconico views and 7,300+ piapro views
  • Caz (music, lyrics)
  • Natsuno Shiki (illust)
  • Yumemi Shironeko (background image)


The song talks about a world in despair, a world at it's end, about how silence will never come, how despair will forever overshadow us with fear and sadness. It shows this through the type of flowers throughout the verses, something you find in a garden, each accompanied with a image of corruption:

  • Decadent flowers: Bloody memories
  • Lamentation of flowers: Graven miseries
  • Pitch-black flowers: Memories of oblivion
  • Unprecedented flowers: Keeps blooming and dying
  • Flowers of chaos: Repeating miseries

The song itself ends by pleading for someone to rid the rotten world of its mistakes before it is destroyed, as all that is left is "the ash of a flower".

The 3DPV however, takes a different take of the song, with the PV opening to the narrator thinking about ideas and memories that confuse and corrupt the mind to the point the narrator begins to doubt that what she knows is even true.

A graveyard is shown with a girl looking at a grave, she notes that what was the truth became a lie. The narrator notes that her and her sister are likely going to meet the same fate as their mother did.

As the song begins, Luka is shown awakening, the girl who did the narration is seen piloting a mech and fighting in space destroying ships all around her. Throughout the PV flashes and glimpses of the girl and her young sister from the past are seen, the imaginery along with the song suggests that some event tore them apart before or after the death of their mother. As Luka sings, the girl fights, until her younger sister appears with a Mech. It continues with more images, such as the young sister in a street with dead bodies around her. Eventually the two are shown lying with their eyes closed (dead or asleep) on flowers. The song ends with the two girls clash once more, there is an explosion along with flashes of the images seen previously in the PV. As the PV ends, Luka is shown shutting down again.

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Megurine Luka 3DEdit


The Luka model from the "Luka data pack" for Shade 12 basic by IKEDA

A 3D data pack for the software Shade 12 Basic was announced as Megurine Luka 3D. The software pack contained data and a 3D model for the 3D animation "Corruption Garden" made using the software. The pack is now available in English.[1] A Blu-Ray featuring the PV was also made for sale on the 8th of June 2011, the video was created by IKEDA. This is the only such pack for the 3D software package so far for a Vocaloid character. It includes four complete sets of clothing, pre-set poses and more.[2]



Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
「思考 人格 そして身体 「shikou jinkaku soshite karada
作られたそれらを装い tsukura reta sorera o yosooi
疑似的な世界で戦い続ける gijiteki na sekai de tatakai tsuzukeru
いつしか記憶さえも疑い始め itsushika kioku saemo utagai hajime
真実は偽りへと変わった shinjitsu wa itsuwari eto kawatta
母がそうであったように haha ga sō de atta yōni
おそらく私たち姉妹も…」 osoraku watashi tachi shimai mo...」

灰と化す栄光 舞い降りる闇に hai to kasu eikou mai oriru yami ni
染まり落ちる 赤色のカルマ somari ochiru sekijaku no karuma
憂いを抱いて また立ち上がるの urei o idai te mata tachi agaru no
相剋(そうこく)の果てに 何も見えなくても soukoku no hate ni nanimo mie naku temo

I am always alone...

退廃のフラワー 血塗れのメモリーズ taihai no furawaa chimamire no memoriizu
永遠に巡り巡る様に eien ni meguri meguru youni
慟哭(どうこく)のフラワー 刻まれたミザリー doukoku no furawaa kizama reta mizarii
二度とは帰らない静寂 nido towa kaera nai seijaku

繰り返す敗走 最後に見た夢は kuri kaesu haisou saigo ni mita yume wa
終わりの無い モノクロのビジョン owari no nai monokuro no bijon
答えも無く 薄れ行く誓い kotae mo naku usure yuku chikai
理性さえも 最果てに沈む risei saemo saihate ni shizumu

漆黒のフラワー 忘却のメモリーズ shikkoku no furawaa bōkyaku no memoriizu
咲いては散る未曾有(みぞう)の花 sai te wa chiru mizou no hana
混沌のフラワー 繰り返すミザリー konton no furawaa kuri kaesu mizarii
光の消えたこの庭で hikari no kieta kono niwa de

退廃のフラワー 血塗れのメモリーズ taihai no furawaa chimamire no memoriizu
永遠に巡り巡る様に eien ni meguri meguru youni
慟哭(どうこく)のフラワー 刻まれたミザリー doukoku no furawaa kizama reta mizerii
二度とは帰らない静寂 nido towa kaera nai seijaku

終わらせて この腐敗した世界の過ちを owara sete kono fuhai shita sekai no ayamachi o
Before this world is over now...
この手に残った物は Ash of a flower... kono te ni nokotta mono wa Ash of flower...


  • The mother's grave reads the name "Arisa Shizer".
  • The pink haired girl seen piloting the mech is a standard model for the Shade software, the younger sister is a colour swap of the same girl.
  • It is common presumption for fans to mistake the pink-haired girl featured fighting her sister as Luka herself. However, the facial features of the girl's model and Luka are not identical and there are differences between them. Also the girl's pink hair is not the same shade of pink as Luka's.


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