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Image of "Cosmic Cruise"
Song title
  • "Cosmic Cruise"
Published August 06, 2012, with 990+ Niconico views and 2,000+ YouTube views
  • car.ess (music)
  • AstCd2 (illust)


Here is a re-rendered HD video of my new song featuring galaco and IA. I had tried to make a progressive trance track but it kind of ended up like this... (I really wanted a gritty FM synth and 303 in there <_<;) Hope you enjoy it!
"Cosmic Cruise" is an original song by car.ess featuring galaco and IA.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
無限の海 mugen no umi
ボクらの目に bokura no me ni
煌めいてる星たちとともに kirameiteru hoshi tachi to tomo ni
ゆっくりとね、散歩をしましょう yukkuri to ne, sanpo wo shimashou
流れすぎる星雲の指を nagare sugiru seiun no yubi wo
こっそりとね、ふれてみたい kossori to ne, furete mitai

惑星たち、一緒に踊ろう wakusei tachi, issho ni odorou
まわりめぐる、とっても楽しい mawari meguru, tottemo tanoshii
彗星でも、誘いでみましょう suisei demo, sasoide mimashou
とわにつづく、この舞踏会 towa ni tsuzuku, kono budoukai
光よりも hikari yori mo
速いテンポ Hayai tenpo

Take my hand
Enjoy the view
Memories so grand
My trip with you

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