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Album title
Published May 11, 2008, for ¥1,500

Background[edit | edit source]

"DEBUTANTE" is a compilation album by k-shi studio and the first in their "DEBUTANTE" series. It contains a total of 22 tracks split into 2 discs, mainly featuring Miku, but also Rin, KAITO, MEIKO and various utaites. Going back to the basics is the theme of this album.

Succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Disc 1[edit | edit source]

1."雲の遺跡 (Kumo no Iseki)" (Relics of Cloud)yanagi-Pyanagi-PHatsune Miku, MEIKO3:53
2."ノスタルジア (Nostalgia)"k-shik-shiHatsune Miku (MEIKO)3:12
3."熱情詩 -Flame Heart- (Netsujoushi -Flame Heart-)" (Passion Poetry -Flame Heart-)Kanae FujishiroJounetsu-PKagamine Rin (Hatsune Miku)4:44
4."カイソウ (Kaisou)" (Heirarchy)qurterqurterHatsune Miku3:43
5."千年の独奏歌 (Sennen no Dokusou Ka)" (Thousand Year Solo)yanagi-Pyanagi-PKAITO4:37
6."心の小箱 (Kokoro no Kobako)"Tatami-PTatami-PHatsune Miku3:44
7."カナリア (Canaria)"bakerbakerHatsune Miku3:41
8."ギフト (Gift)"k-shik-shiHatsune MikuTBA
9."雲の遺跡 (Kumo no Iseki)" (Relics of Cloud)yanagi-Pyanagi-PMomoki Mami3:53
10."カナリア (Canaria)"bakerbakerHaruyo3:41
11."カイソウ (Kaisou)" (Heirarchy)qurterqurterMilia3:45

Disc 2[edit | edit source]

1."フキゲンワルツ (Fukigen Waltz)" (Grumpy Waltz)OSTER projectOSTER projectHatsune Miku4:21
2."ニジイロ*アドベンチュア (Nijiiro*Adventure)" (Rainbow Colored Adventure)sasakure.UKsasakure.UKHatsune Miku4:58
3."椿の花 (Tsubaki no Hana)" (Camellia Flowers)Deadball-PDeadball-PHatsune Miku4:19
4."TOO BAD GIRL (STRAIGHT RUN)"naotyu-naotyu-Hatsune MikuTBA
5."ピース・ピース (Peace Peace)"Mikusagi-PMikusagi-PKagamine RinTBA
6."vermilion"YosshiiYosshiiHatsune Miku3:37
8."Light Song"kzkzHatsune Miku5:21
10."TOO BAD GIRL (STRAIGHT RUN)"naotyu-naotyu-HaruyoTBA
11."フキゲンワルツ (Fukigen Waltz)" (Grumpy Waltz)OSTER projectOSTER projectMilia4:53

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Promotional goods[edit | edit source]

Each copy of the album came with a 24-page full color booklet.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • Released during M3 2008 Spring.

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