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Image of "DEBUTANTE3"
Album title
Published December 29, 2008, for ¥1,400

Background[edit | edit source]

"DEBUTANTE3" (stylized as "DEBUTANTEIII") is a compilation album by K-shi studio and the third in their "DEBUTANTE" series. It contains seventeen tracks, mainly featuring Miku, but also Len, Rin, KAITO, MEIKO and various utaites.

Preceding and succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."Heart Beat"kzkzHatsune Miku5:29
2."ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル (Piano × Forte × Scandal)"OSTER projectOSTER projectMEIKO3:52
3."メルツェルの機械人形 (Maelzel no Kikai Ningyou)" (Maelzel's Mechanical Doll)KazagurumaJounetsu-PKagamine Rin4:57
4."マリィの世界 (Marie no Sekai)" (Marie's World)sasakure.UKsasakure.UKHatsune Miku5:06
5."トラッジ (Trudge)"yanagi-Pyanagi-PKagamine Rin5:39
6."日和見 (Hiyorimi)"DARSDARSKAITOTBA
7."星音計画 (Hoshion Keikaku)"k-shik-shiKagamine Rin and LenTBA
8."白夜のイヴを越えて (Byakuya no Eve o Koete)" (That's Just the Way the Story Goes [25,Dec])Deadball-PDeadball-PHatsune Miku4:55
9."ライフストリーム (Lifestream)"seiraqurterHatsune Miku4:48
10."園庭想空の女少 (Entei Soukuu no Joushou)" (Anti the Fantastic Garden)cosMocosMoHatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin4:21
11."パラノイア・ローズ (Paranoia Rose)"Hadano-PHadano-PHatsune MikuTBA
12."オメデトウ (Omedetou)" (Congratulations)Toraboruta-PToraboruta-PKagamine Rin4:23
14."ヒトゴミ (Hitogomi)" (Crowd)Tatami-PTatami-PHaruyoTBA
15."ライフストリーム (Lifestream)"seiraqurterMiliaTBA
16."オメデトウ (Omedetou)" (Congratulations)Toraboruta-PToraboruta-PUsaTBA
17."極楽鳥 -bird of paradise- (Gokurakuchou -bird of paradise-)"Yuuyu-PYuuyu-PKatakiri RekkaTBA

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Event[edit | edit source]

  • Released during Comiket 75.

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