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Published August 14, 2010, for ¥1,000


"DEBUTANTE5" (stylized as "DEBUTANTEV") is a compilation album by k-shi studio and the fifth in their "DEBUTANTE" series. It contains 13 tracks, mainly featuring Miku, but also Len, Rin, and Luka. GUMI can be heard in the chorus of track 12. It is also the first "DEBUTANTE" series album to feature Gackpo and the only one in the series to feature Sweet ANN.

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Track listingEdit

1."caLL×Me"k-shik-shiHatsune Miku2:59
2."バスルームガーデン (Bathroom Garden)"OSTER projectOSTER projectHatsune Miku4:54
3."sample"bakerbakerHatsune Miku3:20
4."ココロナナイロ (Kokoro Nanairo)" (Seven Colored Heart)Kenichi ChibaKenichi ChibaHatsune MikuTBA
5."アイスエイジ (Ice Age)"Hikutsu-PHikutsu-PHatsune Miku3:52
6."恋唄 (Koi Uta)" (Love Song)sicksickHatsune MikuTBA
7."R-25"cosMocosMoKagamine LenTBA
8."Lonely Bird"samfreesamfreeKagamine RinTBA
9."Never Afraid"Ann-Melts PAnn-Melts PSweet ANN4:53
10."黄燐の炎 (Ourin no Honoo)" (A Flame of the Yellow Phosphorus)mothymothy, Jounetsu-PKagamine Rin4:44
11."迷いの壁 (Mayoi no Kabe)" (Wall of Hesitation)uniMemo-PuniMemo-PKagamine Rin, Kagamine Len4:59
12."魔女 (Majo)" (Witch)Suzuki-P, RyotaiSuzuki-P, RyotaiMegurine Luka (Camui Gackpo, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, GUMI)4:58
13."飛雷震 (Hi Rai Shin)" (Trembling Like the Flying Thunders)Yuuyu-PYuuyu-PKagamine Len3:15

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  • Released during Comiket 78.

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