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Daigasso! Band Brothers P (大合奏!バンドブラザーズ, Daigassō! Bando Burazāzu, lit. "Grand Ensemble! Band Brothers") is a video game created by Nintendo for the 3DS handheld system. The game is based on becoming a VOCALOID Producer, and totes a "Create Your Own VOCALOID" system using the 3DS's built-in microphone. A free Lite will be available in Nintendo e-Shop. The suport was ended in February 2020 with another Nintendo 3DS products. 

Engine usage[]

This game is the first 3rd party VOCALOID application to use the VOCALOID3 engine instead of the previously used VOCALOID2 engine. The version used in the game is a heavily modified "lite" version of VOCALOID3, and uses a brand-new user interface. Unlike other VOCALOID applications, editing of the song data (such as lyrics, tempo, or pitch), is not allowed. The interface used by the game's engine bears resemblance to the interface used by Vocalodama (a game which itself uses the VOCALOID2 Lite Engine). The engine is operated in real-time during gameplay and is a core element in the game.


"Create a VOCALOID"[]

In order to properly play this game, the user must "Create a VOCALOID" using the 3DS's microphone. The VOCALOID that results will be used in gameplay. However, due to recording limitations and constraints, the VOCALOID that is generated is low-quality. During the recording process, the 3DS will prompt the user to sing syllables in sequence. Only one pitch is recorded. The recorded sounds are processed using an audio alogrithm and compressed into a .ddb file for use in the game. Triphones are generated through the same algorithm. It is illegal to use this VOCALOID in any other VOCALOID engine, however it is mechanically possible to do so.

VOCALOID voicebanks[]

  • VY1, has a 'lite' version of the software called VY1t, as both a background singer and default voice in the events that a custom VOCALOID could not be loaded from the 3DS's software. Unlike the VY1t version used in the VOCALOID first and iVocaloid apps, this version of VY1t is customized for the Daigosso V3 Engine.
  • Aoki Lapis is the first downloadable for the game, this uses the voicebank from iVOCALOID.
  • GUMI is available for this software and downloading it will add a specialized Megpoid voicebank into the game's library. This voicebank is one pitch, and operates similar to the VY1 voicebank included in the game.
  • Camui Gackpo's V3 Gackpoid Native, has a lite version from is downloadable DLC
  • ZOLA PROJECT has a lite version for was available on the game
  • galaco has a DLC with all voicebanks (RED & BLUE).
  • MAYU is the last V3 DLC in game, a lite voicebank named MAYU_Arrange_ver. is downloadable.
  • Sachiko is the first V4 voicebank available.
  • ARSLOID's V4 Arsloid Normal, is available for download. He is the last DLC for the game

Promotional videos[]

  • "生声アーチスト・蒼姫ラピス<謝罪CM>" by 9129suppon ft. Aoki Lapis
  • "「生声アーチストGUMI」ダウンロード版配信スタート" by 9129suppon ft. GUMI
  • "「生声アーチスト神威がくぽ」ダウンロード版配信スタート!" by 9129suppon ft. Camui Gackpo
  • "「生声アーチスト神威がくぽ」ダウンロード版配信スタート!" by 9129suppon ft. ZOLA PROJECT
  • "「生声アーチストギャラ子」ダウンロード版配信スタート" by 9129suppon ft. galaco
  • "バンブラPにラスボス現る!「Sachiko」が生声アーチストに登場!!" by 9129suppon ft. Sachiko
  • "元気な歌声に胸キュン♪「アルスロイド」配信スタート!!" by 9129suppon ft. ARSLOID

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