だんだん早くなる (Dan Dan Hayaku Naru is 40meterP's 5th album. Vocals featured are Hatsune Miku, GUMI, galaco, and IA. It was released at Comiket 88.

A crossfade can be seen on NicoNico and YouTube.

Dandan Hayaku Naru Album
Released September 16, 2015
Producer 40mP
Price ¥2,000
Illust. 40mP
Track list
1. だんだん早くなる
Dandan Hayaku Naru / Getting Faster and Faster
Hatsune Miku
2. だんだん高くなる
Dandan Takaku Naru / Getting Higher and Higher
Hatsune Miku
3. だんだん近くなる
Dandan Chikaku Naru / Getting Closer and Closer
Hatsune Miku
4. だんだん好きになる
Dandan Suki ni Naru
Hatsune Miku
5. だんだん増えてゆく
Dandan Fuete Yuku
Hatsune Miku, galaco, GUMI, IA
6. だんだん早くなる -piano ver.-
Dandan Hayaku Naru -piano ver.- / Getting Faster and Faster -piano ver.-
Hatsune Miku
Short Story Album
Short Story

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