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Image of "Dead Ball Project vol.1"
Album title
  • "Dead Ball Project vol.1"
Published March 23, 2008, for ¥1,000

Background[edit | edit source]

Dead Ball Project vol. 1 is Deadball-P's first album. It consists of 14 tracks, with tracks 11-14 being bonus tracks. The album mainly features Hatsune Miku, except for track 5, which features Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

All lyrics written by Deadball-P.

1."私は人間じゃないから。" (Maybe I'm not a human.)Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:37
2."永久に続く五線譜 (Towa ni Tsuzuku Gosenfu)" (The Standard Notation Continues Forever)Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:00
3."木枯らしの朝 (Kogarashi no Asa)" (Anyway the Wind Blows / Wintry Morning)Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:19
4."牛乳飲め!" (You Should Drink Milk!)Deadball-PHatsune Miku3:58
5."ベジタリアン "Deadball-PHatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin4:02
6."/hidden"Deadball-PHatsune Miku3:54
7."シュークリームのうた (Shuu Kurīmu no Uta)" (Song of The Cream Puff)Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:42
8."既成事実 (Kisei Jijitsu)" (Established Fact)Deadball-PHatsune Miku5:40
9."続・既成事実 (Zoku Kisei Jijitsu)" (The Second Established Fact)Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:03
10."金の聖夜霜雪に朽ちて" (Requiem for the Phantasma [25,Dec] (official) / Golden Holy Night Rotting into the Frost and Snow (literal))Deadball-PHatsune Miku4:06
11."私は人間じゃないから。- Dashite mix - (Watashi wa Ningen Janaikara. - Dashite mix -)"Deadball-PHatsune Miku5:46
12."既成事実 - baker vs deadball - (Kisei Jijitsu - baker vs deadball -)"Tatami-PHatsune Miku4:21
13."SUPER DEADBALL BEAT"Yuuyu-P, bakerHatsune Miku9:59
14."デッドボールPの恋したいラジオ (Deadball-P no Koishitai Radio)" (I Want to Love the Deadball-P Radio) Deadball-P3:56
Total length:1:07:23

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