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Image of "Dead Ball Project vol.7"
Album title
  • "Dead Ball Project vol. 7"
Published October 15th, 2014, for ¥1,000


Dead Ball Project vol. 7 is Deadball-P's ninth and latest album. It consists of 13 tracks. The songs on this album predominately feature Hatsune Miku. MAYU, Yuzuki Yukari, and GUMI are also featured on the album. Track 13, Deadball-P no Koi Shitai Radio Dainana, is only featured on the physical release of the album .

Preceding album[]

Track listing[]

All lyrics written by Deadball-P; all music composed by Deadball-P.

1."清姫道成寺 (Kiyohime Doujouji)" (Sin and Forgiveness, Grudge and Love)Hatsune Miku4:12
2."たかし君の割り切れない気持ち (Takashi-kun no Warikirenai Kimochi)"Yuzuki Yukari4:43
3."Beside & Besides"GUMI4:10
4."たりらりらー / Tarirarira"MAYU3:27
5."tintin-bra-bra -long ver.-" (There Is No Place for Me In The Prime Number Table (official) / Takashi's Undividable Emotion (literal))Hatsune Miku1:49
6."メガクリスマスリクガメ (Mega Christmas Rikugame)" (god lived as a devil dog)Hatsune Miku4:14
7."谷間が気になる11歳 (Tanima ga Ki ni naru 11 Sai)" (TANIMA -The Heaven's Door- (official) / The Breast's Spirit Starts at 11 (literal))MAYU3:58
8."エロゲーみたいな恋がしたい! (Ero Game Mitai na Koi ga Shitai!)" (The Walls that Have Built Between Us- (official) /I Want Ero Game-like Love! (literal))MAYU3:57
9."キンターマー -long ver.- / Kintarmar -long ver.-"Hatsune Miku2:03
10."LOVEDOLL OF NOBODY"Hatsune Miku5:01
11."顔面クリスマスケーキ -Miku ver.- (Ganmen Christmas Cake -Miku ver.- )" (X'mas Cake Bomb (official) / Face Christmas Cake (literal))Hatsune Miku3:27
12."狼なんているわけないじゃん -Miku ver.- (Ookami nante Iru Wakenai jan -Miku ver.-)" (Wolves Never Exist)Hatsune Miku3:38
15."デッドボールPの恋したいラジオ・第七回 (Deadball-P no Koi Shitai Radio Dainana)" (The Seventh Time I Want to Love the Deadball-P Radio)Deadball-PTBA

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