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Dear Stage



They are the developers of the VOCALOID3 Tone Rion. Moe Japan/Dear Stage has come up with the concept of a "Vocaloid you can meet" the "fusion of a 2D Vocaloid and a 3D idol": Vocaloidol. Real idols from two different companies, MOGRA and Dear Stage, will provide their voices to several Vocaloids, and there will be events where the fans have the opportunity to meet these "Real Vocaloids".



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A group introduced by Dear Stage as a concept of a “VOCALOID you can meet”, the “fusion of a 2D VOCALOID and a 3D idol”: Vocaloidol. “Real” idols from two agencies, MOGRA and Dear Stage, were to provide their voices to several VOCALOIDs, and there would have been events where fans will have the opportunity to meet these "real Vocaloids".[1] One group have provided their vocals so far it appears since the first group were featured wearing outfits worn by the band.[2]

The concept art is illustrated by okama, the same artists for VOCALOID Nekomura Iroha.

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