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Image of "Delusion Spy"
Song title
  • "Delusion|Spy"
Published October 25, 2014, with 140+ YouTube views
  • Caprice (music, lyrics, illust)

Background[edit | edit source]

It was... It was... YOU?!

The song is seemingly about a man looking for a serial murderer, not knowing that it was his alternate personality until someone else poisons him with his own poison.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

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Caprice (music, lyrics, illust, video, tuning)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lost in these memories
That haunt me all these years
At long last, I find a place where I can live without my fear of the past

But, I was reminded
Of my former life
That man who had vanished
(What's his name again?)
I had to find the poor soul

But the question is
Why was I chosen
For this job?

I'll try to
Find the culprit of this mystery
Where to look? My only clue was
Something I can't read
I just don't know
What it says, but I'll
Try to understand

Time passed, eventually
Someone came to the town
She could read the foreign language of the scroll
It said-
It was... It was... YOU?!

Suddenly the realization hits me like a brick
How could I have never noticed all this treachery?!
So I tried to catch you but you just evaded me
It was much too late to find you in this winter dark

Just so you know, the culprit was actually you.

I had watched you all this time you see,
In the night you had taken a new persona;
The culprit of this mystery
And you know, I had
Bought something from you
That I'll use on you
Just so you can know
What you did to them

Suddenly, memories came to me
I had been the one that had done all this
Oh, what a shame!
I know the true story
But I'll never get to say
That it's all okay
My discovery
That I am the last
Of the victims
I shall never see
Anyone again
Now I understand.

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