Original Vocaloid Characters (called OC Vocaloids alternatively) are fanmade vocaloids who do not have a declared base of derivation, and are independent characters. They are usually written for storytelling purposes, and may or may not interact with other official or fanmade vocaloids. Some of them may go on to become UTAUloids. Only a very few amount of OC Vocaloids sing, and majority of them do not sing at all. Many of these are found in DeviantArt, though there are Japanese-made OCs.

Collective Original Vocaloids

Rainbow Vocaloids

Rainbow Vocaloids are a design of the Vocaloids based on the colors of the rainbow. They were not designed for singing, but some users have decided to give them a life of their own. Here is a picture of all the Rainbow Vocaloids.

Tia (銀色 ティア Giniro Tia) is the silver of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Leti (パールホワイト レティ Paaruhowaito Reti) is the pearl white of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Neon (光イエロ ネオン Kouierou Neon) is the bright yellow of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Miisha (オレンジ ミーシャ Orenji Miishya) is the orange of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Monyako Ouroku (黄緑色黄緑もにゃ子 Ourokuiro Ouroku Monyako) is the green of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Mirai (ピンク ミライ Pinku Mirai) is the pink of the rainbow Vocaloids. Her name means 'future'.
Ren (赤色 レン(やすし) Sekiiro Ren (Yasushi)) is the red of the rainbow Vocaloids. He is very quiet.
Kaname (すみれ色 カナメ Sumireiro Kaname) is the violet of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Matsuzaki (まつざきしげるいろ まつざき Matsuzakishigeruiro Matsuzaki) is the lush pine of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Kirsche (ダ-クグリ-ン キルシェ Daakuguriin Kirushie) is the dark green of the rainbow Vocaloids. Her name means 'cherry' in German.
Liizu (ブラックライト リ-ズ Burakkuraito Riizu) is the black light of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Katsuo (紺色 カツオ Koniro Katsuo ) is the blue of the rainbow Vocaloids. His name is a type of fish.
Alpha (灰色 アルファ Haiiro Arufua ) is the gray of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Note (黒と紫 ノトMurasaki Noto) is the purple of the rainbow Vocaloids.

File:Muneo.pngMuneo (黒色 ムネオ Kuroiro Muneo) is the black of the rainbow Vocaloids.

Hibiki Vocaloids

The Hibiki vocaloids, known as the StArFoRcE vocaloids appeared on the internet by an artist named BoA AKA the penguin empress. The most famous Hibiki vocaloid seems to be Aaron Hibiki due to his looks. Literally, Hibiki means "vibration" in Japanese. Click here to see the whole of them in their chibi forms.

Aaron Hibiki (響アーロン Hibiki Arlon) is a fan-made vocaloid who is 17 years old, 160 cm in height and weighs 50 kg. The specialities with Aaron is that he can sing both opera (Tenor) music and pop music, and can sing in english. Aaron shares the same specialities with his younger siblings, Ash, Clara, Mila and Milan. He has a personality showing he is funny and kind, but tends to by shy sometimes. His character item is a peanut-butter sandwich. Aaron has a crush on another vocaloid named El Amane. Aaron's name is named after a Pokemon character named Sir AaronHere is his full body picture with his Hachune version Nyanko Aaron
Ash Hibiki (響アッシュ Hibiki Ashu) is Aaron's oldest younger sibling. He is 15 years old, 165 cm in height, and 55 kg in weight. Despite that Ash is younger, Aaron's voice is three octaves higher than Ash's which makes Ash's voice range go from Baritone to Bass. Ash is a perky kid and he is also funny like his older brother but often gets into trouble for sneaking around sometimes. Ash's character item is a beef. He was named after Ash Ketchum of Pokemon. Here is his full body picture.
Clara Hibiki(響クララ Hibiki Kurara) is the oldest female sibling of Aaron's. She is 14 years old, 159 cm in height and has a weight of 49 kg. Clara's voice range goes from Mezzo-Soprano to Alto. Clara is a kind and caring lady but can be very stubborn and ignorant at times when she is exhausted. Her character item is a chicken. Here is her full body picture
Mila and Milan Hibiki(響ミラ&ミラン Hibiki Mira and Miran) is the youngest siblings who are fraternal twins. Mila and Milan are 13 and both weigh 50 kg. Their differences are that Mila can go two octaves higher than Milan as they are both sopranos, Mila, who is 160 cm is a centimeter taller than her younger twin Milan. Mila and Milan are so clever that they can annoy their older siblings by setting up traps, such as a egg throwing machine and sometimes leave banana peels on the floor. Mila's character item is a chocolate while her brother's character item is a vanilla. Just like [Rin/Len Kagamine|Rin and Len], they also have a road roller of their own. Here is the picture of the both twin's full body.

General Listing of Original Vocaloid Characters

These characters are designed as Vocaloids, but do not have designs based on any existing official or fanmade Vocaloids. Many of these do not sing at all.

Tome Honne (本音トロ Honne Tome) has long black hair much like Sadako Yamamura from Ring and no costume design as of yet. She wears a kimono. She carries the same surname as Dell, Yuu and Iu's, but her link to the mentioned characters are unknown.
Maria Dokushou (独唱MARIA Dokushou Maria) is 15 years old, 160 cm tall, and weighs 63 lbs. She has hot pink hair, and bright blue eyes. She dresses in a ninja-like fashion. Likes to sing alone (独唱).
Nami Umine (海音ナミ Umine Nami) 's favorite food is oysters. She is 18. Her hair is blue, and tied up in an Alto-Saotome ponytail. She wears a short black jacket over an indigo dress.
Heru Ohera(小腹ヘル Ohera Heru) wears her black hair in two short braids. She wears a red Chinese style shirt, with red shorts, and Chinese slippers.
Momo Sakune(咲音モモ Sakune Momo) has short pink hair. Two tufts are tied into ponytails on either side, and she wears a black headband over it. Her skirt is fluffy and pink, and her shirt is white with pink trimming. Her item is a black cat with a red ribbon around its neck.
Momo Kokorone (心音モモ Kokorone Momo) looks like a character from Magic Knight Rayearth. She has glasses, and keeps her wavy pink hair in two luscious braids.
Muri Anone (亞乃音ムリ Anone Muri) is a pigtailed redhead who is in a strong relationship with Akaito.

Main Article and detailed information : Muri Anone

Rako Sakune (咲音ラコ Sakune Rako) is a dual personality Vocaloid. One side of her seems chipper and upbeat, while the other seems distant and quiet. Her full picture is here.
Aho Hatsune (初音アホ Hatsune Aho) is the mascot of the AHO_Project. She resembles Rin greatly- Her hair is a pink version of Rin's, wears a black bow in her hair, and has the same detached sleeves and leggings as Rin, with pink trim as opposed to yellow. She wears a black and white corset with a big pink bow, with a white shirt with rolled up sleeves underneath. Aho's black skirt goes down to her knees and is trimmed with white lace at the bottom. It splits in the middle and exposes a white, lacey skirt underneath. Here is a full picture of her.
Milu Yumene (夢音ミル Yumene Miru) is a red haired Vocaloid with a grey collared shirt that goes down to her chest with a black and red corset underneath. She wears a pair of black pants with one long pant leg and one short, and wears metallic gray boots. She has plaid fabric on each hip, attached to her pants. She has quite a bit of fan-art on Piapro.
Sara Touto (燈音サラ Touto Sara) is a fanmade with long, pink hair. She has a red ribbon on the back of her head, and bright red eyes. Her outfit has a purple, pink, and red color scheme, and the design resembles Miku's. Her favorite item is a Sakura dumpling. She is 18, although her appearance shows her to be two years younger, and her height is 164 cm. Her specialty is holding long notes.
Sora Harune (春音ソラ Harune Sora) is a fan-made vocaloid who is portrayed as Kaito's cousin; she was born in Japan but lived in Europe.

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Kotori Ayane (綾音コトリ "Ayane Kotori") has long red hair braided into a very long ponytail and red eyes. She wears a red tartan plaid skirt with black trim, a plaid tie of the same color and a white school shirt with red trim. Her sleeves are black with red trim and her socks are white, with black Mary-Jane style shoes. Currently, she has no voice. Her creator is fir3h34rt of DeviantArt[[1]] and this is a full view design of her.
Kotorai Ayane (綾音コトライ "Ayane Kotorai") is Kotori's older brother. He likes singing rock and punk songs. He wears similar clothes to his sister, a white school shirt with red plaid tie and black sleeves, with long black pants that have plaid on the inside. His creator is fir3h34rt on DeviantArt[[2]] and this is a full view design of him.
El Amane (天音エル "Amane Eru") is a female vocaloid who Aaron Hibiki has a crush on. Just like the Hibiki Vocaloids, she is capable of singing opera as well. El likes singing opera, gospel as well as pop music with a slow tempo. Her voice range goes from soprano as her voice is very high. Her character item is a cream puff. El is created by cocolin. Click here to see her full body artwork.
Zavi Vindemiatrix (ザヴィ・ヴィンデミアツリックス  "Zavi Vindemiatrix") has short brown hair and tan skin with light brown eyes. He wears a white long sleeved shirt with a white and brown checkered vest on top of it. He also has a badana around his neck. His character item is salmiakki, which is Finnish. He is a very cheerful and older-brother like type. He is about 168cm tall.Zavi likes to sing pop songs, and his language capability is high. Prominent languages he is able to sing in are English, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, French, Finnish, Italian and Estonian.
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