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Members kou, rins, sho
Status Active?
Circle's Links Channel: niconico, YouTube, PIAPRO
Twitter: kou, rins, shotarosu

Mail: diarays.info@gmail.com
Community: Diarays

Playlist (Nico Douga List / YouTube List)
  1. "Tsumami Iro Guilty" (Miku) (Nov.12.2011)
  2. "Sweet Catastrophe" (Miku) (Jun.18.2012)
  3. "Akuserido" (GUMI) (Jul.06.2012)
  4. "「Ib」" (IA) (Sep.21.2012)
  5. "「Ib」-again-" (IA) (Nov.30.2012)
  6. "Color Play" (Album Crossfade) (Dec.12.2012)
  7. "Limiter Kankaku Shonen" (IA) (Dec.21.2012)
  8. "Yume Nikki" (Miku) (Jan.11.2013)
  9. "「Adam」" (IA) (Jan.31.2013)
  10. "Matryoshka" (IA & Lily) (Arranged Cover / Hachi) (Feb.28.2013)
  11. "Kurenai Neiro" (Luka) (Mar.21.2013)
  12. "Tsumami Iro Guilty" (IA) (Ap.04.2013)
  13. "Koibito Ichi Kubi" (Miku) (Apr.25.2013)
  14. "Magenta" (Miku, GUMI) (Apr.25.2013)
  15. "Shadow Play" (Album Crossfade) (Apr.25.2013)
  16. "Brave New World" (IA) (May.17.2013)
  17. "Nisemono Gathering" (IA) (May.31.2013)
  18. "Miss & Kiss" (IA, Lily) (Jul.12.2013)
  19. "Heikousen" (GUMI) (Aug.02.2013)
  20. "Mea no Kyouiku" (Hatsune Miku) (Aug.25.2013)
  21. "August 32nd" (Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len) (Aug.31.2013)
  22. "「Ib」-forever-" (Hatsune Miku, MAYU, Camui Gackpo) (Sep.22.2013)
  23. "EGOLOID" (GUMI, IA, MAYU) (Dec.12.2013)
  24. "April 44th" (Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len) (Nov.21.2015)
  25. "Catch You Catch Me" (Kagamine Rin) (Jun.11.2016)
  26. "Nea no Maboroshiyu" (Hatsune Miku) (Aug.27.2016)


A circle consisting of three members, best known for their songs based on the popular, freeware horror game "Ib", called "「Ib」", "「Ib」-again-" and "「Ib」-forever-". However their arrange cover of "Matryoshka" has achieved great fame as well, as well as their original "Mea no Kyouiku".

In 2016 Kou uploaded two new videos to their YouTube channel as well as an album release "Kouringu". It is unclear if the group is back together or if Kou is using the channel for new works.

Songs / Featured Works


Uploaded 2012.09.21 Featuring IA
Music kou Main article 「Ib」
Lyrics kou
Video Vios (illust), Not-116 (video)
This song has entered the Hall of Legend.

リミテル感覚少年 (Rimiteru Kankaku Shonen)

Uploaded 2012.12.21 Featuring IA
Music kou Main article リミテル感覚少年 (Rimiteru Kankaku Shonen)
Lyrics kou
Video Sakuko (illust), Boushiya (video)

マジェンタ (Magenta)

Uploaded 2013.04.25 Featuring Hatsune Miku, GUMI
Music kou (music, instrumentation), Rins, Shoutarosu (instrumentation) Main article マジェンタ (Magenta)
Lyrics kou
Video avogado6 (video)

偽物ギャザリング (Nisemono Gathering)

Uploaded 2013.05.31 Featuring Hatsune Miku, GUMI
Music Diarays Main article 偽物ギャザリング (Nisemono Gathering)
Video 狂zip (illust), Emumero (video)

Miss & Kiss

Uploaded 2013.06.12 Featuring Lily and IA
Music Diarays Main article Miss & Kiss
Lyrics Diarays
Video Yuuki Kira (illust), Not-116 (video)


Uploaded 2013.09.21 Featuring Hatsune Miku, MAYU, Camui Gackpo
Music kou Main article 「Ib」-forever-
Lyrics kou
Video Yodobashi Yuo (illust), Not-116 (video)


Uploaded 2013.12.12 Featuring GUMI, MAYU, IA
Music Diarays Main article EGOLOID
Lyrics Diarays
Video AO (illust)

夢の惡魔 (Yume no Akuma)

Uploaded 2014.04.11 Featuring Megurine Luka, IA, Lily, MAYU
Music rins (music), kou (arrange), shou (instrument) Main article 夢の惡魔 (Yume no Akuma)
Lyrics rins
Video Chachagoma (illust), Not-116 (video)


Color play.jpg
Title Color Play
Shadow play.jpg
Shadow Play
Producer Diarays Diarays
Release Date December 12, 2012 April 27, 2013
Mirror play.jpg
Title Mirror Play    
Producer Diarays  
Release Date November 22, 2013  

Compilation Albums