Dollfie Dream, often referred to as Dollfie Dolls is a brand name of a type of fashion Dolls by Volks that are designed for easy customization.


The Dollie Dream dolls are designed to be fully customisable, body parts, hairstyles (wigs) and other outfits can be swapped at will.

When producing dolls based on characters for example, they will always have a unique mould for each face. Additionally, there are blank body parts for self customization and even the commercialised models have body parts that are close to the characters own design. For example the "Dollfie Dream Sister", can be customised to be either male (such as "Boy Type") or female (such as "SS Bust") and have body mould for both sexes, with the females generally having a number of different body shapes compared to the males, such as bigger breasts or flatter chests. As a may not be able to wear each other's outfits at all despite all being "Dollfie Dream Sister" dolls. This is unlike the Pullip dolls who can more easily share clothing.

When based on characters, a main doll of the character will be released. Any further outfits for the character are often released separately. The intention is so that you can re-use the same doll and swap out the eyes, wig, hands, etc and re-use the same doll, changing the appearance without having to buy a second version of the doll. While this cheapens the price of expanding a collection, since you do not re-buy the same doll each time, the limitation is only a single outfit can ever be on display unless further versions of original doll are purchased.

The dolls are made of vinyl and for this reason, some care is needed to maintain and look after them, as dyes from their own clothes and wigs often rubs off on the dolls themselves. Cotton gloves are usually advised to be worn when handling them. The dolls are also are intended for display purposes only and make be able to withstand a great deal of handling without wear and tear. Posing them may require some gentle movements or risk breaking them, though they are not too fragile.

Crypton Future Media promotionEdit

From 2013, a number of Vocaloid related products were sold based on the Crypton Future Media, Inc. Vocaloids. The following page lists products and items related to Vocaloid. All Dolls were sold as limited runs, which means only a certain amount were produced of each and were available only while stocks lasted.

Dollfie DreamEdit

The main Dollfie Dolls, and which the brand is named after, is the "Dollfie Dream" or "DD" line. The doll line has been improved over time to increase articulation and quality. They stand approx. 60cm tall.

Hatsune MikuEdit

The Hatsune Miku model was released in 2013. She has her own eye set and head type, "Hatsune Miku", and uses the "SS Bust" body type. The body itself was based on the mark III version of the Dollfie Dream line and had semi-white skin.[1] It was based on iXima's rendition of Miku's Vocaloid2 boxart.[2]

Volks also released a carry case that was big enough to carry the Miku doll inside safely.[3]

A number of optional hand gestures were also released for Hatsune Miku as optional extras for customization.[4]

A special shirt for Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 was released for her.[5]


While any outfit for the DD line that uses the "SS Bust" body type will fit, these outfits are specifically designed to match the Miku Doll.

Due to the popularity of the Hatsune Miku doll, for a period of time it was often used to model DD line outfits unrelated to Hatsune Miku.

Outfits - Songs

These outfits are designed based on popular songs starring Hatsune Miku.

Outfits - Misc.

Various other promotionally tied-in outfits.

Snow MikuEdit

The first Snow Miku was a special variant of the normal Miku model with special customized eyes and hair, "Snow Miku" and head, "Hastune Miku/Snow Miku". Otherwise, it is the same build as the "Hatsune Miku" model. It too was also a limited edition model and was released in 2015.


As with the regular Hatsune Miku model, the Snow Miku model is compactable with any outfit designed for DD dolls that use the "SS Bust" body type. Some outfits have been release specifically to go with the Snow Miku doll. All further outfits were designed to be compactable with the Snow Miku model and are also sold as limited runs, some only being sold at the Sapporo Winter Festival.[11]

Megurine LukaEdit

This doll is due to be released in early summer 2018.[14][15]

She comes with her unique eyes and head set both titled "Megurine Luka", her eyes have a metallic hint to them. Her skin type is "Normal". Her body type is "L Chest" (flat version). Her wig is also "Megurine Luka" type. She is made to suit the DD base set type 3.


While any outfit for the DD line that uses the "L Chest (flat vers)" body type will fit, these outfits are specifically designed to match the Luka Doll.

Dollfie Dream SisterEdit

The Dollfie Dream Sister line or "DDS" is a line intended to show younger characters (young teenagers and 'tweens') and are slightly shorter then the regular DD line.

Kagamine RinEdit

This doll was released in 2016. Kagamine Rin has the eye set "Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Len", and her head "Kagamine Rin" is unique to her. Her body type is "SS Bust". She has the skin type "Semi-White".[16]

Kagamine Rin's model also has a special tight skin designed for her which hides her doll joints but still allows her regular clothes to cover her body. This co-functions as a protective skin that prevents the dye from her clothes rubbing off on her body.[17]

The Kagamine Rin doll, despite being advertised was long sold out by 2018.

She had a special Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 shirt produced for the doll.[5]


While any DDS outfit that is compactable with the "SS Bust" body type will fit, the following outfits are designed to match the Kagamine Rin doll.

Kagamine LenEdit

This doll was released in 2016. Like Rin, Kagamine Len has the eyeset "Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Len". His head is an original "Kagamine Len". His body type is "Boy Type". He has the skin type "semi-white".[20]

Despite being a limited run and released in 2016, due to its lesser popularity was still available in 2018, unlike Kagamine Rin's doll.

He had a special Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 shirt produced for the doll.[5]


While DDS outfit that is compactable with the "Boy Type" body type will fit Len, the following are designed to match his doll specifically.

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