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Song title
  • "Don't go Away"
Published September 4, 2015, with 660+ YouTube views
  • Teddy B.


"Don't go Away" is an original Hatsune Miku song. It was sent to and accepted into the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST.


I look in my looking glass and I see
A man's reflection who said, he loved me
Blinded by love, I just couldn't see
That our love was never meant to last
Don't go away

I take his hand with his touching me
We hold each other, so tenderly
And we kiss, our last
And think of, what we've passed
A love that didn't last
Don't go away

And as I watch, we are further apart
But there's still a flame, so deep in my heart
I shed a tear as I see you go
And as forever, I will love you so
Don't go away

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