Dongmurwon (동물원The Zoo) is a album released by MVZ Production working with 14 members who came together on CreCrew. It only featuring the original SeeU songs that covered by Korean utaite.

The album's official information webpage is here. An album crossfade can be heard here. The album can be ordered on Saboten Store.

  • Vocalists: Ssijer, RYL, ShanGom
  • Composers: GaGain, Nightlica (나이트리카), Dr. Yun, Green Fish (초록물꼬기, a.k.a. mitssi), udaque, Sangnoksu
  • Illustrators: Cheongnyeonhoejang, Balral Mint, Tissue, Hiriat
  • Special guest: ENE
SeeU Album Cover The Zoo
Released November 2, 2012
Producer GaGain, Nightlica, Dr. Yun, Green Fish, udaque, Sangnoksu, Ssijer, RYL, ShanGom, ENE
Price ₩15,000
Illust. Cheongnyeonhoejang, Balral Mint, Tissue, Hiriat
Label MVZ Production
Track list
1. Diamond Venus
Dr. Yun feat. RYL
2. 샨곰의 노래
ShanGomui Norae / ShanGom's Song
Dr. Yun feat. ShanGom
3. 비상청년가
Bisangcheongnyeonga / Singing of Flying Young Man
Nightlica feat. Ssijer
4. 봄...기다림
Bom...Gidarim / The Spring... Waiting
Green Fish & ENE feat. ShanGom, RYL
5. 좋은 사람
Joeun Saram / Good Person
GaGain feat. Ssijer, ShanGom
GaGain feat. Ssijer, RYL
7. 돌아와요
Dorawayo / Please Comeback to Me
Green Fish feat. Ssijer
udaque feat. ShanGom
9. Red Shower
udaque feat. RYL
10. 참회
Chamhoe / Repentance
Sangnoksu feat. Ssijer
11. 홀로서는 나는 초라하지 않아
Holloseoneun Naneun Chorahaji Ana / Lonely Me Is Not Shabby
Nightlica feat. RYL
12. 다물
Damul / Regain
Sangnoksu feat. Ssijer, RYL, ShanGom, ENE
13. Free Talk
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