Dr. Yun (윤박사/尹博士; Yunbaksa) is a notable Korean producer, the founder of ST MEDiA Co., Ltd., and creator of Naver fan blog "Vocaloid Empire". He directed the SeeU and YANHE concert: The first or the last. His most notable songs are "Paparoach" and "Byeol".

He had a history of working with Chinese VOCALOIDs. For Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd., he created YANHE's demo, "Mèng zhī Yǔ", and released a Chinese version of his first album with Luo Tianyi. For Shanghai Wangcheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., he made demo songs for the private Chinese VOCALOID Yuecheng.

Dr. Yun headed the project creating the second Korean VOCALOID, UNI, and made her first demo song, "Boundary". He assisted with several other demo releases for her afterwards.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[sc][→] "Burn" SeeU January 12, 2012 music, lyrics
[sc][→] "From. SeeU" SeeU January 12, 2012 music, lyrics
[sc][→] "Why" SeeU January 12, 2012 music, lyrics
[sc][→] "Be My Boy" SeeU January 12, 2012 music, lyrics
[→][yt][sc] "Diamond Venus" SeeU January 13, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "파파로치" SeeU April 22, 2012 music, lyrics
[→][vm] "시간을 멈추는 아이" SeeU June 23, 2012 music, lyrics
[→] "Bullet" SeeU August 14, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt][vm] "" SeeU November 16, 2012 music, lyrics
[bb][yt] "梦之雨" YANHE July 12, 2013 music
[bb] "舞夜序歌" YANHE July 25, 2013 mastering
[bb][sc][5s] "心之光" YANHE August 1, 2013 mastering
[yt] "전화받아" SeeU August 16, 2013 producer
[yt] "내게" SeeU August 27, 2013
[sc] "Party! Party!" SeeU September 13, 2013 producer
[yt] "[Cube]" SeeU November 02, 2013 producer
[yt] "Pain Killer" SeeU November 12, 2013 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "세상 끝에서" SeeU April 8, 2014 music, lyrics
[yt] "그래 안녕" SeeU October 13, 2014 music, lyrics
[yt] "Boundary" UNI November 16, 2016 producer
[yt] "작별 카운트다운" UNI February 10, 2017 assistance
[yt] "Elixir" UNI February 20, 2017 assistance
[bb][→] "Looking For You" Yuecheng October 17, 2017 arrange, mixing
[bb][→] "Blind" Yuecheng November 9, 2017 compose, arrange, mixing
[bb][→] "Key To Next" Yuecheng December 8, 2017 compose, arrange, mixing


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
SBS Artech "Dr.Yun's 1st Album ★" SeeU, Dr. Yun December 29, 2012 music, lyrics
SBS Artech & Big Hit Entertainment "SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album" SeeU October 19, 2012 (Korea); October 29, 2012 (Japan) music, lyrics
VOCALOID CHINA "梦的七次方" Luo Tianyi December 24, 2012 music
VOCALOID CHINA "" Luo Tianyi March 23, 2013 music
YANHE PROJECT "The Stage 1" YANHE July 11, 2013 compose, mastering
ST MEDiA Co., Ltd. "I Love Moonlight" UNI December 1, 2017 music, lyrics


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