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From his base in Romania, our man neutrino commands a Vocaloid operation on several fronts. We've got Vocalekt Visions, of which he is a co-founder, his several songs, 3D animations, concerts and assorted stuff. This time we present an album of originals, carefully sorted out to provide you with an authentic look into his work as a whole which, due to its sheer size, can be intimidating at first. From that follows a series of rock and electronic renditions. Floats like a butterfly but drops like a brick, as I'm wont to say. One of which is sung in Romanian (kokone). Ain't that a nugget for your noggin right there.

Dream Walker is an album by neutrinoP. The album cover was illustrated by Chorvaqueen. The album contains six original songs and a remix featuring GUMI, Camui Gackpo, KAITO, Yuzuki Yukari, and kokone.

The album can be purchased here on Bandcamp.

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Dream Walker.jpg
Released March 1, 2015
Producer neutrinoP, JWard-L, TempoP, KentaiP
Price $4
Illust. Chorvaqueen
Label Vocallective Records
Track list
1. On My Way To Nowhere
2. Afterlife
Camui Gackpo
3. Dream Walker
4. Alone In The Snow
5. Overload
6. Cosplay Day (Disco Remix)
Yuzuki Yukari
7. 31
8. Vise de îndrăgostit