Song title
  • "Drifting Apart"
Published December 31, 2013, with 26,400+ YouTube views
  • Peter Gordon


This is a demo ballad for Peter Gordon's musical, "Generations Apart". The song was made in 2004 and uses LEON and LOLA as vocals. The original can be found on the author's SoundClick account.

A fanmade PV was made by Chorvaqueen to commemorate their last day.


Say it's not real, our story won't end
You've changed my life
Now you say that you're leaving.
I can't conceive a day without you,
You brought a dream that I long to believe in
You have me here,
In the palm of your hand.
Can I slip through your fingers,
Like a grain of sand?

Sometimes in life, the fairytale ends,
We makea choice
In which path we must follow.
Though we must part, hold on to that dream
For today our hearts break,
But there's hope for tomorrow
Though I must leave,
If your feelings are true,
We'll be together,
I will wait for you.

We were so young then,
Still just children
Drifting far apart.
If we could see the future
Would things have been the same
Once we had made our choices
Only haunting doubts remain.

Seems so long ago
Since we were standing here that day.
Seems that things were fated from the start.
Lonely and confused
We knew that we had lost our way,
The dreamer and the drifter falling apart.

Come take my hand
And please hold me near.
I need you close
As we say our goodbyes
And if our lives should keep us apart
I'll still remember the love in your eyes
If this must be,
If our story must end,
Remember this moment...............

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