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Dwindling Stars is an original song by I0LITE and Edlinklover featuring OLIVER and Fukase.


The silence has grown
A thread just unraveling
Spoken words unheard
A moment’s surge of stars gather
Into spheres of light
Into constellations
Grasping onto hope
And yet our farewell’s at (Hand)

Can you see the sun take one final breath?
The world’s death leaves behind no words to say
Follow me to where the shadows can’t reach
Awaiting for the song’s end

By the shore I thought I saw a familiar face
Fading with the waves in a cloudy haze
Strangers we’ll be, the red thread is the line we can’t cross
And we’ll find the kingdom has fallen

In the ruins dance in step with me
Sing me to sleep so I might never wake (cry no more)

Tell me stories from the past hidden deep
Deeply filled with all of our memories
Memories held gently close to the heart
Never let them go we’ll never be apart

I can’t keep telling myself these lies
Lies cannot save what has already been lost
I can’t keep telling myself these truths
Truths that are chiseling at my heart of stone

Empty promises have no further use
Watch for when the sun and the moon become one
I can’t offer you anything but my regrets
I can’t see you but I know you’re still there

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