E-Capsule Co. Ltd. (飛天膠囊數位科技有限公司 "Fēitiān Jiāonáng Shùwèi Kējì Yŏuxiàn Gōngsī"[1]) is an importer and producer of digital audio workstation and encoders in Taiwan. This company is also known as a distributor of VOCALOIDs produced by Zero-G,[2] and PowerFX.


Announced in a newsletter on July 18, 2010 [3] Sonika's Chinese edition came with a new boxart. Users can choose to use the original English or Traditional Chinese interface.[4] It contains an instructional DVD and a comparative table of English and Chinese phonemes in an explanatory leaflet which shows her ability to reproduce about 90% of Chinese pronunciations. It was produced by E-Capsule for users in Taiwan, but considerable time was not spent making the sounds closer to natural Chinese. On August 1, 2010, E-Capsule released Sonika in Taiwan, and she became the first Vocaloid released in Greater China.[5]

They have since released Tonio, Prima, Sweet Ann and Big Al. E-Capsule also released the first recommended ranges and speed for these Vocaloids as well as providing background information such as age and height. However, both Big Al and Sonika already had some details released, some of which were different. Big Al is younger, shorter and lighter and Sonika is also slightly shorter and lighter.

They also released GUMI, Lily, Gackpo, Miki, Iroha, VY1 and VY2.

It is speculated that they might release Oliver in Taiwan because they have uploaded a demo of him singing.

It is also suggested that they will sell Hatsune Miku V3 English due to E-Capsule being listed as a distributor on Hatsune Miku V3 English's homepage.


NOTE: E-Capsule Co. Ltd is solely a third-party distributor and has yet to create vocals of their own.





Promotional involvementEdit

Animation FestivalEdit

Ofclboxart ecap Sonika1

Sonika's Chinese Edition boxart (silhouetted ver)

Displayed at its announced convention[6] on 24 and 25 July 2010. The release of Sonika's new edition came with limited edition stickers and posters.


On June 5, 2011, the official E-Capsule YouTube channel uploaded demos of Sonika and Prima; more VOCALOID demos proceeded afterward.
Youtube broadcast

  • [1] New Prima Taiwan Demo Song (40 sec Trailer)
    • [2]【Vocaloid2 Prima】New Taiwan Demo Song - Entrust
  • [3]【Vocaloid2 SONIKA】New Taiwan Demo Song - Little Forest
  • [4]【Vocaloid2 Sonika】New Taiwan Demo Song - 夢想天堂
  • [5]【Vocaloid2 Tonio】Taiwan Demo Song 40 sec Trailer
  • [6]【Vocaloid2 Sweet Ann】New Taiwan Demo song - Carry On


Xia Yu YaoEdit

Under E-Capsule, a team titled "VOICEMITH" created a Mandarin Chinese and Japanese voice library for UTAU named Xia Yu Yao (夏语遙).[7] Released on November 10, 2014, Xia Yu Yao has become a very popular virtual singer in Tawian, even creating competition when revealed it was not her that would become a VOCALOID, but Xin Hua.[8] She has had merchandise as well as several albums.[9]

Oscar & JoanEdit

On August 4, 2016, VOICEMITH released their second and third virtual singers, Joan and Oscar. Both have Mandarin Chinese libraries with "Inside" and "Outside" appends.


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