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This article is about the eVocaloid hardware known as a module. If you are looking for the VOCALOID concept then click here.


The prototype of the eVY1 chip was seen in the "YAMAHA VOCALOID LSI "NSX-1" based Singing Keyboard" demo and more demos were also shown afterwards. This device used the voice of VY1 and initially this was the voice that was going to be inside the Pocket Miku device. After some negotiations, Hatsune Miku became the voice and was built using VY1's base as the developers argued that only Miku's voice would do.[1]

Despite this, a β version of the module was put up on show to Nico Nico Douga groups and currently has a page on Switch Science.[2]

One known product that uses this is the VOCALOOP. In 2020 a product called the eVY1 Box went on sale that also uses this chip.[3] The chip also begun to be sold separately either by itself or with a board.[4][5]

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YAMAHA VOCALOID LSI "NSX-1" based Singing Keyboard YouTube

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eVY1 module