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EXIT MUSIC PUBLISHING INC., formerly known as EXIT TUNES Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pony Canyon Inc. and formerly Quake Inc., both Japanese companies. EXIT TUNES is famous for its song compilations, and have released some of the most popular albums for VOCALOID. After the release of VOCALOID3 they also entered into production of their own VOCALOIDs.

EXIT TUNES had released several VOCALOID related CDs and albums for Crypton, Internet, and 1st Place VOCALOIDs.


While it rebranded as EXIT TUNES after merging with Pony Canyon Inc. in 2009, EXIT TUNES became a full subsidiary of the publishing giant. Later still in 2019, all of EXIT TUNES' activities regarding music publishing and artist management was integrated into Pony Canyon proper, rebranding itself into EXIT MUSIC PUBLISHING.

The side specifically catering to distributing VOCALOID compilations, the EXITTUNES Dance Production, and other activities was reformatted into the Pony Canyon ET Creative Division.



Japanese vocals


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Promotional involvement[]

EXIT TUNES is responsible for landing two Vocaloid albums in the top of the charts, as well as producing some of the most famous albums featuring the software. Ever since Vocalogenesis' release, EXIT TUNES' albums have always managed to get to the top 5 album ranking on Oricon Daily Album ranking. Many PVs and cover albums have also made it into figurines.


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