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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMing from Megpoid"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMing from Megpoid"
Published September 5, 2012, for ¥2,000


"EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMing" is EXIT TUNES' 4th GUMI compilation album, 6th Internet compilation album, and 10th solo Vocaloid compilation album. It contains 18 tracks, with notable ones such as kemu's "Jinsei Reset Button" and takanon's "Nanka Renai". Several new tracks for the compilation include "Aitai no End" by YM, "Route Sphere" by Last Note and "NO STARS" by 164. The album ranked number 15 in the Oricon Weekly Sales chart its first week of sales, and has appeared a total of 9 times in the ranking.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."地球最後の告白を (Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo)" (The Earth's Final Confession)kemukemu4:25
2."ルートスフィア (Route Sphere)"Last Note.Last Note.4:33
3."人生リセットボタン (Jinsei Reset Button)" (Life Reset Button)kemukemu3:47
4."走れ (Hashire)" (Fixed Race)HayashikeiHayashikei3:29
5."ニビョウカン (Nibyoukan)" (Two Seconds)MARUDARUMAMARUDARUMA3:49
6."セフレ (Sefure)"Nanahoshi KangengakudanNanahoshi Kangengakudan4:10
7."NO STARS"1641643:17
8."くじらの街 (Kujira no Machi)" (Whales' City)RamuneRamune3:45
9."334人の敵 (334-jin no Teki)" (Enemy of 334/Lonely People)Konata-PKonata-P4:20
10."アイタイノエンド (Aitai no End)" (I Want to Meet You: End)YMYM3:52
11."ナンカイレンアイ (Nankai Ren'ai)" (Difficult Love)takanontakanon4:15
12."気になるあいつは怪獣少年 (Ki ni Naru Aitsu wa Kaijuu Shounen)" (My Crush Was a Monster Boy)Shokubai Phantom GirlShokubai Phantom Girl3:41
13."ユーレイ (Yuurei)" (Ghost)TOKOTOKOTOKOTOKO4:25
14."嘘つきウサギと銀の檻 (Usotsuki Usagi to Gin no Ori)" (The Deceitful Rabbit and The Silver Cage)Kotsuban-PKotsuban-P4:14
15."クランベリー (Cranberry)"Chouchou-PChouchou-P4:08
16."one wish"SHUNSHUN4:19
17."幻奏歌 (Gensouka)" (Phantom Song)GigioFaye-P3:43
18."春に一番近い街 (Haru ni Ichiban Chikai Machi)" (A Town Nearing Spring)40mP40mP4:29
19."インビジブル (Invisible)" (Invisible)kemukemu3:39
Total length:N/A

Promotional goods[]

Each copy of the album will feature the following limited quantity items.

  • 5 rubber straps each featuring GUMI cosplaying in a different costume.
  • 6 mousepads each featuring an illustration from a song on the album.
  • A large-sized B2 size poster.

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