EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Kaitonation feat. KAITO is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES in which all songs are sung by KAITO. It contains 19 tracks. Notable songs such as Akuno-P's "Judgment of Corruption", "Kurenai no Hana" and its own theme "Kaitonation". The album also includes a secret track to be the 20th song.

A special Talkloid was made to promote it and it can be watched here.

The teaser crossfade can be watched on Nico Nico here and on YouTube here and the full crossfade can be seen on Nico Nico here and on YouTube here.

Released December 07, 2016
Producer Various
Price ¥2,500
Illust. Yuu
Track list
1. Kaitonation
yuukiss feat. KAITO
2. 悪徳のジャッジメント
Akutoku no Judgment / Judgment of Corruption
Akuno-P feat. KAITO
3. Sweet's Beast
Menday-P feat. KAITO
4. 鈍色空に花吹雪
Nibiirozora ni Hanafubuki / Shower of Cherry Blossoms in the Sullen Sky
SigotositeP feat. KAITO
5. rusty moonlight
yanagi feat. KAITO
6. ハイパーゴアムササビスティックディサピアリジーニャス
Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappearing Genius
Nyanyannya feat. KAITO
NatsuP feat. KAITO
8. 身に余る軽蔑
Mi ni Amaru Keibetsu / Overwhelming Contempt
Re:nG feat. KAITO
9. 昨日見た夢
Kinou Mita Yume / Yesterday's Dream
Agoaniki-P feat. KAITO
10. しねばいいのに
Shineba Ii No Ni / I Wish They'd Just Die
 dBu feat. KAITO
11. 恋するアプリ
Koisuru Apuri / Application in Love
Hal-P feat. KAITO
12. しゃぼんのサラマンドラ
Shabon no Salamandre / Salamandre of Soap
Bucchigiri-P feat. KAITO
13. アイヲオモウ
Ai o Omou / Thinking of Love
Tennen, Suzuki-P feat. KAITO
14. 紅の花
Kurenai no Hana / Crimson Flower
Wanderer-P feat. KAITO
15. オールドラジオ
Old Radio
Urara-P feat. KAITO
16. 極楽ノスタルジック
Gokuraku Nostalgic / Paradise Nostalgic
Mazo-P feat. KAITO
17. Rosary Pale
Shinjou-P feat. KAITO
18. ダリハニ (Kaitonation edit)
yuukiss feat. KAITO
19. rusty moonlight
yanagi feat. Naoto Fuuga

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  • The talkloid Kaitos were provided by Kansaiben-P, Pantsu-P and Denpyou-P
  • The Talkloid has the Kaitos talking about the possibility of a MEIKO compilation. This was later fullfilled with Meikonic.

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