Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Megurinemotion feat. 巡音ルカ -10th ANNIVERSARY BEST-"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Megurinemotion feat. Megurine Luka"
Published January 30, 2019, for ¥2,600

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EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Megurinemotion feat. Megurine Luka, or simply Megurinemotion, is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES created in commemoration of Megurine Luka's 10th anniversary. It contains 15 tracks, including 4 new songs composed by otetsu, KANON69, Heavenz, and minato.

The teaser crossfade can be watched on Nico Nico and YouTube.

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Disc 1[edit | edit source]

1."ダブルラリアット" (Double Lariat)Agoaniki-PAgoaniki-P 
2."エンダーエンバーミング" (Ender Embalming)HeavenzHeavenz 
3."クイーンオブハート" (Queen of Hearts)KANON69KANON69 
4."No Logic"JimmyThumb-PJimmyThumb-P 
5."Hello, Worker"HayashikeiHayashikei 
6."星屑ユートピア" (Hoshikuzu Utopia / Stardust Utopia)otetsuotetsu 
7."カエロスティウム" (Caerostium)otetsuotetsu 
11."magician's operation"EZFGEZFG 
12."Loops and loops"satsat 
13."セカンド・キス" (Second Kiss)Mikito-PMikito-P 
14."チェルシー" (Chelsea)KANON69KANON69 
15."インタビュア" (Interviewer)Kuwagata-PKuwagata-P 

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