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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova 5"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova 5"
Published April 29, 2011, for ¥2,000

Background[edit | edit source]

"Supernova 5" is the 5th album from EXIT TUNES' "Supernova" series featuring VOCALOID tracks.

Preceding and succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

2."キミナシビジョン (Kimi Nashi Vision)" (A Vision Without You)KulfiQKulfiQKagamine Rin4:20
3."ユメネコ (Yumeneko)" (Dream Cat)Pinocchio-PPinocchio-PHatsune Miku, GUMI4:11
4."転帰予報 (Tenki Yohou)"millstonesmillstonesGUMI4:47
5."イレヴンレイヴガール (Eleven Rave Girl)"EasyPopEasyPopMegurine Luka3:13
6."回線上のギャングスター (Kaisenjou no Gangster)" (Online Gangster)TENKOMORITENKOMORIHatsune Miku4:52
7."Good night Stella"KanonanaHatsune Miku4:02
8."テンバコチョンギッチョ (Tenbakochongiccho)"Nashimoto-PNashimoto-PHatsune Miku1:29
9."一方通行 (Ippou Tsuukou)" (One-Way Route)Yucha-PYucha-PHatsune Miku3:42
10."夢地図 (Yume Chizu)" (Dream Map)40mP40mPGUMI3:09
11."FRAME OUT"Devilish-PDevilish-PGUMI4:05
12."beat rider"JunkyJunkyKagamine Rin3:53
13."リバースゲーム (Reverse Game)"Deadball-PDeadball-PHatsune Miku4:51
14."クドリャフカ (Kudryavka)" (Little Curl)←P←PHatsune Miku4:59
15."the fall"MaasaNemHatsune Miku5:04
16."lifeworks"Powapowa-PPowapowa-PHatsune Miku4:20
17."Leaves"Sorairo ClubSorairo ClubHatsune Miku5:04
Total length:1:09:14

Promotional goods[edit | edit source]

Included with the album is an original mobile strap featuring an illustration of the character from the cover art.

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