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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream feat. 初音ミク"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream feat. 初音ミク"
Published January 18, 2012, for ¥2,000


"Vocalodream" is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES and is the 9th in their "Vocalo" series. It consist of some notable tracks such as Jin's "Kagerou Days", natsuP's "Fate: Rebirth", Kurousa-P's "Senbonzakura" and "Akahitoha", and more. Several new tracks uploaded for the compilation include Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△'s "Bad ∞ End ∞ Night", which inspired the cover and is also the first song of the Night ∞ Series, and Fuwari-P's "Yume no Katachi", which is featured as a bonus track.

This album features Miku, Len, MEIKO, Gackpo, GUMI, KAITO, Rin, and Luka.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."千本桜 (Senbonzakura)" (Thousand Cherry Blossoms)Kurousa-PKurousa-PHatsune Miku4:05
2."カゲロウデイズ (Kagerou Daze)" (Heat-Haze Daze)JinJinHatsune Miku3:54
3."エンヴィキャットウォーク (Envy Cat Walk)"TohmaTohmaHatsune Miku3:46
4."深海少女 (Shinkai Shoujo)" (Deep-Sea Girl)Yuuyu-PYuuyu-PHatsune Miku3:28
5."Bad ∞ End ∞ Night"Hitoshizuku-PHitoshizuku-PHatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Camui Gackpo, GUMI, MEIKO, KAITO, and Megurine Luka4:09
6."天ノ弱 (Amanojaku)" (A Born Coward)164164GUMI3:10
7."白虎野の娘 (Byakkoya no Musume)" (The Girl in The White Tiger Field)Susumu HirasawaSusumu Hirasawa, Bucchigiri-PKAITO (Kagamine Rin)4:48
8."KURENAI BEAT"yuukissyuukissMEIKO4:08
9."パラメタ (Parameter)"40mP40mPHatsune Miku3:46
10."スキキライ (Suki Kirai)" (Like, Dislike)GomGomKagamine Rin, Kagamine Len4:47
11."行きます!カラオケ一曲目 (Ikimasu! Karaoke Ichi Kyokumoku)" (Go! One Song Karaoke)Hobonichi-PHobonichi-PHatsune Miku3:01
13."Fate:Rebirth"natsuPnatsuPVanaN'Ice (Camui Gackpo, KAITO, Kagamine Len) (Hatsune Miku)3:34
14."アブストラクト・ナンセンス (Abstract Nonsense)"NeruNeruKagamine Rin3:55
15."FREELY TOMORROW"Mitchie M, ЯIREMitchie MHatsune Miku4:01
16."紅一葉 (Akahitoha)" (A Single Red Leaf)Kurousa-PKurousa-PMegurine Luka4:11
17."桜ノ雨 (Sakura no Ame)" (Cherry Blossom Rain)halyosyhalyosyHatsune Miku6:34
18."夢現リバース (Yumeutsutsu Reverse)" (Trance Reverse)JimmyThumb-PJimmyThumb-PMegurine Luka3:55
19."ゆめのかたち (Yume no Katachi)" (The Form of Dreams)Fuwari-PFuwari-PHatsune Miku, GUMI, Kagamine Len, MEIKO, Camui Gackpo, Kagamine Rin, KAITO, and Megurine Luka6:29
Total length:1:18:53

Other media appearances[]

Promotional goods[]

Each copy of the album will feature the following limited quantity items, all illustrated by Hidari.

  • Mobile straps featuring separate illustrations of Miku, Len, Rin, GUMI, Luka, Gackpo, KAITO, and MEIKO.
  • 5 mouse-pads and a secret mouse-pad featuring illustrations including the album cover, as well as illustrations from "Ikimasu! Karaoke Ichi Kyokumoku", "Senbonzakura", "Kagerou Daze", and "Shinkai Shoujo".
  • A smartphone/IC Card sticker.
  • A B2 size poster of the cover.
  • A picture label for the CD with an illustration of the cover.
  • A sleeve case featuring an illustration of the cover.

Exclusive contents[]

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Anibro Gamers: 5 bromide portraits featuring Miku, Rin and Len, GUMI, MEIKO and KAITO, and Luka and Gackpo.
  • Animate: A stationery set featuring the VOCALOIDs from the cover and an A4 notebook featuring an illustration from "Ikimasu! Karaoke Ichi Kyokumoku".
  • Village Vanguard: A microfiber cloth featuring an illustration of the cover.
  • Shinseido: A 2012 calendar whose cover is that of the album's and each month features an illustration from a one song featured in the album.
  • TOWER RECORDS: An iPhone 4 cover with the front illustration featuring "Senbonzakura" illustrated by Ittomaru, and back featuring the album cover.
  • Toranoana: A tote bag featuring an illustration of the song "Shinkai Shoujo" and a pin badge featuring an illustration of the album cover.
  • Don Quijote: An A4 clearfile featuring illustrations of the album cover and an illustration of the song "Suki Kirai" by Yamako.
  • JBook: A bromide portrait featuring an illustration of the song "Abstract Nonsense" by Sidu.
  • TSUTAYA: A folding mirror that features an illustration of the album cover.
  • WonderGOO: A hanging clock featuring an illustration of the song "Senbonzakura" by Ittomaru.

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