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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalolegend feat. 初音ミク"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalolegend feat. 初音ミク"
Published January 20, 2010, for ¥2,000


"Vocalolegend" is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES and is the 3rd in their "Vocalo" series. It consists of some notable tracks such as mothy's "Aku no Musume" and "Aku no Meshitsukai", wowaka's "Ura-omote Lovers", and otetsu's "Hoshikuzu Utopia". It features Crypton Future Media's Character Vocal Series: Miku, Luka, Rin, and Len.

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Track listing[]

1."悪ノ娘 (Aku no Musume)" (The Daughter of Evil)mothymothyKagamine Rin4:36
2."悪ノ召使 (Aku no Meshitsukai)" (The Servant of Evil)mothymothyKagamine Len (Kagamine Rin)5:11
3."結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 (Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro)" (Close and Open, Demons and The Dead)HachiHachiHatsune Miku (Kagamine Len)4:29
4."炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai) (Hard-R.K.mix)" (Meltdown (Hard-R.K.mix))kuma(alfred)iroha(sasaki), cosMoKagamine Rin5:20
5."裏表ラバーズ (Ura-omote Lovers)" (Two-Sided Lovers)wowakawowakaHatsune Miku3:09
6."1925"T-POCKETT-POCKETHatsune Miku3:17
7."ストラトスフィア (Stratosphere)" (-VocaLege edit-)OrangeUtata-PHatsune Miku7:13
8."StargazeR" (Vocalolegend New-Arrange ver.)Kotsuban-PKotsuban-PHatsune Miku3:26
9."星屑ユートピア (Hoshikuzu Utopia)" (Stardust Utopia)otetsuotetsuMegurine Luka4:23
10."SPiCa"Toku-P, kentaxToku-PHatsune Miku3:38
11."よっこらせっくす (Yokkorasex)" (I Want To Wish You A Good F*cking Sex)Agoaniki-PAgoaniki-PKagamine Rin (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len)2:31
12."ジェミニ (Gemini)"Dixie FlatlineDixie FlatlineKagamine Rin, Kagamine Len5:11
13."VOiCE"Lovely-PLovely-PHatsune Miku4:27
14."いつもより泣き虫な空 (Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora)" (A Sky Who Is Being a Bigger Crybaby Than Usual)ReruliliReruliliHatsune Miku4:11
15."No Logic"JimmyThumb-PJimmyThumb-PMegurine Luka4:18
16."SUPER DEADBALL BEAT(脱げばいいってモンじゃない! New Remix) (SUPER DEADBALL BEAT (Nugeba Iitte Mon ja Nai! New Remix))" (SUPER DEADBALL BEAT (Shut Up and Feel my Vibes! New Remix))Deadball-PDeadball-P, Yuuyu-PHatsune Miku9:43
Total length:1:05:03

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